The Jena 6

update: want to do something more? Speak to the world on this subject.

This is something I was shown a minute ago. Take three minutes out of your day and get educated:

I can think of a few words that describe my feelings on this case. Anger, clinic perhaps. Or frustration. Or maybe outrage.

Surprise, health care however, is not one of these words. If any of this is news to you, it’s not necessarily your fault. The media has decided that the Duke Lacrosse players are important, and the actual racism at play is not. That Michael Vick is important, and 6 kids doing up to 22 years in the pen is not.

But of course, gold chains are important, and kids going to jail are not. Cars are important, and black children having their lives ruined are not. Pretending that you sell drugs is important, and speaking up when a racist system is putting your brothers and sisters into cages is not. Talking down on women is important, and standing up for yourself and your community is not.

Suprised? Confused? As Willie D said on the show not too long back, somebody didn’t get the memo.

My question to you:
- Hip-hop fans: What are you doing to support this cause? What are you doing to encourage your favorite artists to support this cause?
- Hip-hop artists: Where is your jena 6 song?
update: want to do something more? Speak to the world on this subject.

16 thoughts on “The Jena 6

  1. Yeah, me too. I didn’t even know how to approach it and figured hell with it, I’ll just post it.

    I’m signed on. That’s the least I can do. Thanks.

  2. …I’ve been following this in the (limited) media coverage here in the UK. My jaw literally dropped when I was reading it in a newspaper on my way to work.

    This kind of thing is a complete head-spinner, and no doubt things like this still go on, unreported (or at least not made a fuss about on TV), a lot more than we think.

    Needless to say, we’re signed on the petition front here at Blunt HQ (thanks Sara – and thanks Dex for getting more people talking about it)


  3. Agent M, or dex, how can you actually sign the petition if you aren’t a U.S. Resident? I don’t understand. Would be grateful if you could help.

  4. Mr U –

    I’d say just go for it, include your area in the form and a note on where you’re from in the comments.

    I’ll hit them with an email right now for clarification, but I think making sure people know that the world is watching (even if we are ignoring what is going on in our own backyard) is a good look.

    The petition is a good first step, but not the last. Telling everyone you know – just show them this post, or the videos, or any other posts or videos that break this down even further – that’s a good second step.

  5. O.K. I will do so as soon as possible. Thanks for the the info and I hope the Jenas 6 get released. Like you said, this is definetley not the last step.

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  8. To all my international people – I just got official word from Color of Change that they are welcoming international additions to the petition. Just note that you are international in the comments section, and type anything in the zip field. Thanks.

  9. Yep, our sign-ups here in the UK seem to have worked. And we’re getting the follow-up emails too, which is good.

    I’ve been speaking about this to all manner of people over here, and I’m still surprised, no, disgusted, about the lack of media coverage on this over here.

    I even typed “jena 6″ into the BBC website, the bastion of British news coverage. What did I find? Nada. Zip…Maybe it was me and my off-key computer skills(?), but if they’ve covered this, they aren’t making a fuss about it, that’s for sure.

    We have been, and will be, mentioning this in our forthcoming raido shows and on our website. Everyone need to do their bit on this.

    Spread the word people…

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  11. Mychal bell one of the of the 6 Jena students that acted out upon the white students at their school is now serving up to 22 years in prison. Most say the reason why Mychal has been given such a harsh punishment is because of an all white jury I have a feeling that is probably the case, considering the fact that hes was sentenced by an all white jury and judge. But for some reason the media was all over Paris Hilton’s case for months, i can’t tell you why but i can say something isn’t right…
    i not trying to get them free but an over nighter in jail is enough plus the the white students need a talking to as well.
    i wish much luck to those 6 that are now in serious trouble for standing up for whats right.
    the Jena 6 will be avenged!!!!

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