Jena 6: Get Your Voice on The Mixtape Show

Note: The Jena 6 Episode is up now. Check it out here.

I’ve been thinking for the past few days on this Jena 6 case. I know that on the 20th there is going to be a nationwide action, bulimics centered in Jena, anorexia Louisiana. I can’t be there, but I feel like we can still do something.

So I’m working on an episode. Some tunes, some beats, some talking. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to turn out. So I’m looking to you – yes, you reading this right now – to help.

I want you to call the Mixtape Show phone right now: (310) – 928 – 6876 – and leave a voice message.

Speak your mind on this issue. I’ll play it back, uncut, on the podcast show (in iTunes and on the site) for 15,000+ people.

Let everyone hear what you have to say. If you want to speak directly to the Jena 6, do that. If you want to speak to the public at large, do that. If you have something to say to the hip-hop artists or public leaders that are or are not doing something about this, say it. One sentence? Fine. One hundred? Do it.

Whatever is on your mind is perfect. Don’t be shy, don’t rehearse it, don’t give it a second thought. You can be anonymous if you prefer. Pull your cell out of your pocket right now and make sure everyone knows what you think.

Normally in this sort of situation, I would find a knowledgeable guest and interview them. But – I figure that we’re all world citizens here, and what we have to say is as valuable or more valuable than what any public intellectual or celebrity may have to say.

Try to keep it concise. A minute is good. Other than that, do your thing.

The mic is on. Say something. Please pass this on.


*If you’re outside the US, or can’t use your phone, that’s fine. We still want to hear from you. I’d recommend picking up Skype. It’s a free download, and will let you call the Mixtape Show from your PC for free. Just download it, and call the username “mixtapeshow” with your account, and it’ll go straight to the voicemail.

Or: use Gtalk and send a voice message to

** Producers, holler at me. I may need some more beats for this one.

11 thoughts on “Jena 6: Get Your Voice on The Mixtape Show

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  2. left my response, sorta crappy, but definitely angered by this. But this stuff goes on everyday in the US of A. Racism is most alive, but it’s just well concealed.

  3. Brian – Got your message earlier. Not “crappy” at all man, it was honest. I appreciate that.

    Everyone else – I’m getting some good ones in here, but I need more. Keep them coming, please.

    Also – any artist that participates in this, I’ll put your link in the show notes when the episode is published so that people know which artists are really worth supporting.

  4. Bigg Jus, Poor People’s Day, Illustrations of Hieronymus Bosch… That 1467 Sh*t, “Nowadays these rappers spit vagina monologues, cause most of them are way 2 p*ssy 2 say sh*t”

    Juggaknots, Use Your Confusion, Smile, “Cats be smiling instead of wild’n– its something else behind that– you gotta see it knaw mean- straight Trojan Horse out here”

    Oh, & free Mike Vick– we slaughter cows & chickens by the millions so that we can hit up McDonalds & Popeyes. Plus we owe a debt to the millions of lab rats for our vaccines & drugs which makes it cool to use them for experiments? Dolphins are the smartest mammals on the planet but we exploit them for Sea World profits & tuna fish salad? Naw, Mike Vick ain’t the villain here in my opinion. He just learned what the world taught him, but of course that’s just my opinion which is totally irrational since it’s not good business for the privatizing of America’s concentration camps– I mean prisons.

    And my new favorite cut: DJ Muggs & Sick Jacken, The Legend of the Mask & the Assasin, “God’s Banker”

    He who controls the money supply rules the world. Liberty & justice for all– except the poor. PEACE, I hope..

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  6. I agree with the person above …most of the artist probably want to say something but there labels probably got them ductaped ..the only way most will be able to do it is blogs ; mixtapes and whitelables..9times out of ten were the only ones that will hear it (us bloggers and the people that stay on the net 24 hrs a day)…something will happen i just know it ..

  7. Peace im from UK london, this issue just makes me angry… Im going to sign the online petition, and post a bulletin on myspace. I got Beat here for you Dex as contribution. One

  8. Jay – sorry I didn’t get to see this before I produced the show. There’s always Beat Tape 4, though…hit me on the contact page and we’ll talk.

  9. i know the message is abit late but we haven’t heard anything about this in england it was only the other day that i saw it on the salt n peppa show. just checking out your site and i think its so wrong that things like this are still happening its sick that people can’t up for themselves. there doesn’t seem to be any changes made in this world at all.

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