Tanya Morgan / Hardcore Gentlemen

So yeah, hospital for those of you who caught the Skate Tape, this is the video from Tanya Morgan’s Hardcore Gentlemen.

Apparently as if making up a pretend city wasn’t enough, these dudes made up a pretend rap group that supposedly existed 15 years ago, and a pretend video for that pretend group, and a pretend video show that showed that pretend video, and then they pretend got pretend permission from the pretend video and made a pre…you know what, just watch the video.

Tanya Morgan – Hardcore Gentlemen.

I mean, I could sorta do without the intro, but it’s still funny. I still haven’t heard the whole record, but I don’t know, maybe I should go get it. What I have heard thus far is kinda good.

As a side note, the Tanya Morgan name shouldn’t be new to you at all if you’ve been following the show for a while. Check the archives.

Realest like Bruce Willis.

7 thoughts on “Tanya Morgan / Hardcore Gentlemen

  1. Sara – This couldn’t have taken these dudes more than like ten minutes. I know you have ten minutes. You should make one, complete with baseball bats.

    KaHN – yeah, I think this thing is like a parody of pretty much everything that happened in east coast rap after say 92 or 93 or so. But public access though – I hear that’s actually still sort of a big deal out on the East Coast. I can’t remember there ever being anything actually worth looking at on public access on the west coast.

  2. Alright Dex you’ve chilled long enough, where’s my new episode homie?! I need a mixtape show fix with sum squid jerky on the side!

  3. whoa late response time.

    Brer – man, as soon as I get this paper done it’s on. I’m in hibernation right now…

    Mr U – actually I’m pretty sure that’s another Josh from the one I know – sorry fam.

  4. I wasn’t feelin the intro…i wasn’t feelin the outro…but damn that was some fresh 90′s parody shit that had me rollin!

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