This week – no hip-hop. Yeah, glaucoma you heard me.

I’d like to officially present to the internets – each and every one of them – a nascent genre of new Black music. I don’t know what to call it – I’ve heard Space Funk (or maybe I made that up? I can’t remember), dosage Neo Funk, and TK seems to have settled on Soultronica, which I think is fairly accurate. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to the episode. So, for now, soultronica it is. Check the playlist.

DJ Spinna – Intergalactic Soul feat Phonte of Little Brother. This is sort of a weird record. Spinna starts off with two or three solid space-hop joints – this being the hottest – and then just when he’s got a good momentum going, he turns around and runs straight for motherfucking Chicago. House all the way through. Weird, but good. djspinna.com

J Davey – No More (Donwill Piracy Remix). At long last, after nearly 8 months of talking about it, I’ve finally gotten some J Davey material. I actually have enough for a whole episode, or two – peace to them for getting all that to me. I’d already heard the original joint, but this unofficial remix puts it over the fucking top. If you’re not already on the J*Davey bandwagon, you need to be. jdaveybaby.com.

Steve Spacek – Dollar. A J Dilla production [1]. Jon of SIC passed this to me damn near a year ago, or maybe it was a year ago, shit. Still, the beat is ridiculous. If you’ve already heard it, listen again.

Jneiro Jarel – Breathin’ feat Rocque Wun. In true space-age fashion, both of these artists have names that I can’t pronounce. For some reason I slept on Jarel’s last album for the longest – something about the cover art, I don’t know. Finally someone told me to listen to the goddamn thing, and it’s nice. Nice. jneirojarel.com

Sa-Ra – Second Time Around. Black pretenison personified. This is material done before the G.O.O.D. music thing – I think – some more material from the batch of exclusives Jon for SIC gave me a while back. If it hasn’t hit you quite yet that this whole Soultronica thing is a throwback to Parliament, maybe you’ll get it here – or find their sampler and listen to that.sa-ra.net

Opening beat – Kenny Keys – Starr Step (unreleased) – myspace.com/kennykeys
Outro – Sa-Ra – We Gonna Do It Again sa-ra.net

[1] Be on the lookout for the big Episode 51 – trust me, it’s going to be hot. Shaman Work has a lot to do with it, if that is any clue. Check back with your favorite hip-hop podcast next week for the full joint.


  1. Like it a lot. Sounds very conscious and soulful. With a little electronic but not too much with some funk infused. NICE. I would love to be apart of the collaboration team.

  2. That Sa-Ra shit is rediculous! I think they will be a great fit with Kanye/G.O.O.D Music. I just heard that one of their members just went solo but ima still cop thier previous shit and whatever they come up with later.

  3. This is hot! The future leaders of the movement appear right here. There are more in the wings and in the labs about to take this music back.

  4. Yo -
    My bad on being slow on the replies here, I promise to be up on that in the future. It looks like this episode went over pretty well – got a lot of love on some other sites as well.

    As far as the Sa-Ra, I think I got a little but more up my sleeve – but I will definitely put my name on them being crucial to where this music goes in the next few years. And the J-Davey – yep, plenty of that. Be on the lookout for Soultronica Vol. 2, which should be posted not too long from now.

    Sunae, you didn’t leave your email address so I can’t holler at you – but if you got something specific in mind, holler at me – kucrdex [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  6. I just came across your site on my Pocket PC while trying to find something good to listen to.

    All I can say is “MAaaaaaaaaaan! I’ve been sleeping on this” Straight fire Boss.

    Do what you do. The first three cuts on this one are…………….just BANANAS!

    Well my eyes are open, and now I see.

    I look forward to checking out more of your work.

    If you need anyone else to help with reviewing hot tracks give me a holla, I use to do that for another website.

    Good Work, keep it up.

    Romey P


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