Video Podcast 1 – Blu, Exile, and Kimchi

So I’m trying to get this ball rolling. Call this the beta episode. Hella unprofessional, dentist but that’s what I do.

Intro filmed at the Korean Festival in K-Town in Los Angeles. The featured music video here is Blu and Exile with Soul Amazing. (And yes, you have heard Blu here before). Some of you may have caught this one – well, here it is in a tiny bit better quality (and you can download it). The original file (download it here) is much higher quality.

The player above is pretty hot though – you can fullscreen it, share it on your own site/myspace, etc – check it out.

Thanks to Jon for hooking this one up. You can also check a recent interview with him here.

Coming soon – capability to subscribe to the video show just like you do the audio show.

In the meantime, if there are any requests, ideas, comments, whatev – holler at a baller. Likewise if you have your own video/remix/etc.

11 thoughts on “Video Podcast 1 – Blu, Exile, and Kimchi

  1. Cii – haha. The main idea is something like the audio show, but a larger scope. Lots of videos, exclusive content direct from the MCs, producers, directors and visual designers that make the videos, stuff submitted by video show viewers, etc. Info sessions with the people behind the scenes. Maybe skits.

    This is still really uncharted territory though, so I am open to suggestions.

  2. Wicked stuff Dex..good to see the ball rollin’ – this has a hell of a lot of potential..

    It’s good to see the visual stuff getting out there..

    Sometimes its easy to get caught up with quality/editing issues and all the rest of it…Yeah, nobody wants to see some bad quality rubbish, but it’s important to GET IT OUT THERE TO THE PEOPLE, rather than fine-tuning it forever…(that’s our excuse, and we’re sticking to it! lol)

    Seriously…good work…good product…keep it up..
    (I’ll do a post on the video podcast over on for you too!)


  3. Andres – no problem fam. And you really are one of the few that is up on this new shit.

    Cii – Never that! That’s the least of your worries at this point fam.

    Agent M – good looking out. Just getting these videos is a pain, but after getting this out the door, at least I’ve crossed that first barrier, feel me?

  4. For sure….poppin your video cherry! lol…

    Seriously, once you get up and running on this, I reckon you’ll be tripping over content…

    It’s a good idea, and good to see you taking the format forward….

    (In fact, I may have some content for you…I’ll check things this end, and mail you about that)


  5. You God damn genius..where does it end? Looks like everythings coming along nicely. Glad you decided to do it. From what i read ^ there it’s gonna be ill.

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