Video Podcast 2 – Getting Robbed and K-Rino

And they say violence doesn’t inspire anything. Not that I want you getting a close-up of my pretty face or anything, mind but make sure you fullscreen this video and turn the sound up before the video starts. Trust me.

On deck videowise this episode: K-Rino and Snapp with Deth Season. To call this one gritty is would be a tragic understatement. This is a brilliant video on all angles. Lyrically, visit this site compositionally, order everything. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I go hi-def with these shows.

Shouts to K-Rino and James for hooking this one up. South Park Coalition, kids. More hip-hop video podcasts on the way.


Video Podcast 1 – Blu, Exile, and Kimchi

So I’m trying to get this ball rolling. Call this the beta episode. Hella unprofessional, dentist but that’s what I do.

Intro filmed at the Korean Festival in K-Town in Los Angeles. The featured music video here is Blu and Exile with Soul Amazing. (And yes, you have heard Blu here before). Some of you may have caught this one – well, here it is in a tiny bit better quality (and you can download it). The original file (download it here) is much higher quality.

The player above is pretty hot though – you can fullscreen it, share it on your own site/myspace, etc – check it out.

Thanks to Jon for hooking this one up. You can also check a recent interview with him here.

Coming soon – capability to subscribe to the video show just like you do the audio show.

In the meantime, if there are any requests, ideas, comments, whatev – holler at a baller. Likewise if you have your own video/remix/etc.



Sorry for the slacking last week – actually I wasn’t slacking, sick I just got hella (yes hella) busy. I’m caught up on my email, prescription summer is coming, there’s hella (yes hella) new things in the works around here, and I am definitely feeling things right now.

Notes from the show:

Yes Gs and Es, there is now a Mixtape Show Facebook Group. Click here to join, add your favorite episodes to your profile, network, promote your tunes/movement/whatever, or just talk rap music. You can even grab episodes to play on your profile (shouts to Numair)!

The Video Podcast. I am now making this official. I am slowly assembling a team of people and this shit is really going down. The livest hip-hop audio podcast is about to become the livest audio and video podcast on the webterfuge. Please believe me. If you have videos – indie artists, labels, whatever – now is the time to make me aware of them. I’ll post an official solicitation soon – but for the time being, get ready.

And now, the tracklist.
(intro: Herbie Hancock – Chameleon (Jeremy Ellis remix)

E da Boss and Nick Andre – Things Change feat Nebulus. I have been meaning to put this one out for so long it’s not even funny. The mixtape is definitely nice. Nick – do you guys still like me out there? Let’s build.

Hell Razah – Project Jazz feat Talib Kweli and MF Doom. I’m not sure who produced this one, but it’s quite good. Even Talib, who I have been absolutely not liking recently, comes correct on this joint. Shouts to Erin for the link on this track.

O.C. – Point of Viewz (snippet). Wow, where have I heard this?

Quasimoto – Seasons Change feat Madlib. Damn, I forgot how hot this record was. There’s not a lot of artists out there that can get away with some of the weird things that Madlib does with his records – I remember being really frustrated with “Another Demo Tape” because I didn’t want to hear that lady singing about cleaning kitchens or whatever the fuck tomfoolery Mad put in there, I wanted to hear people rap over the goddamn beat because it was hot. This joint though – consider it a preview to the Summer Mixtape, 07 edition.

MF Doom – Deep Fried Frenz. MM..Food was a pretty ridiculous album. I remember reading somewhere that Doom had made beats by just taping shit off of BET Jazz commercials.

Lords of the Underground
– Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky).
Yep. Kinda the alternate/b-side version of the version whose instrumental you hear in the outro.

So there’s this week! And I meant it about the video podcast thing – any ideas, holler at a ballar in the comments section.