Video: Rich Boy – Let’s Get This Paper

Just something to tide you over until Mixtape Show TV Episode 2 drops:

I’ll limit my comments to the following:
1. Rich Boy got-damn
2. Video got-damn
3. Still hating on the South? Stop.
4. Finally somebody touches on the subject of the money.

15 thoughts on “Video: Rich Boy – Let’s Get This Paper

  1. A power full video that displays the hard truth of the illegal drug game. Finally a southern artist that puts out a song that’s not about the glorifying drug dealing, degrading or people of color. What else doe the south have?

  2. by far my favorite song from that album.

    i’d be surprised if the song doesn’t crack more than a few top 10 lists at the end of the year.

    i read an interview (AHH?- i forgot) that said that if he had it his way- most of the songs on the album would have been like this. angry, and honest.

    damn. right?

  3. M..D. – For some reason you reminded me of Cadillac on 22s – did you check the acoustic version on the Spoken Word mixtape? But real talk, a lot of the South is on this very same thing. The radio pushes us one thing, but in all the conversations I’ve had with rappers from there, and from being there myself, the landscape is a lot deeper than what we’re given.

    I agree, though. The video and the song are great, and don’t involve degrading people. I’d like to see more of this.

    Mirateck if you’re right, maybe the next Rich Boy will be able to have it his way.

  4. I gotta agree with you there Dex. The video and the song ARE brilliant. By the way, I heard some Seatbelts and I see why you said they sounded like Soil And Pimp Sessions. By the way, what did you think of the link I sent you (upstairs)

  5. no suprise this is coming from rich boy ..seeing that he has a degree in engineering ..and its true we have a lot to say..check out the new nappy roots album ..strange fruit ..and the new little brother for all my tech savy people…

  6. HERE IS post from

    In an up-coming interview with, Rich Boy speaks on his new single and video “Let’s Get This Paper.”

    Rich Boy on his new single and video “Let’s Get This Paper”:

    “…it was important for me to use my own money and not pay the label to do it because I was at a point and time where I felt like I just needed to take it into my own hands. I wanted the song to come out earlier you know, but the label wanted to come out with a club single or whatever, and I felt like we just needed to put some real music out. So I feel like I just had to flip the channel and spend a lil’ money and put a video out.”

    When asked what the inspiration was behind the politically charged song, Rich Boy opened up about the inspiration behind the track and how it will mold his future material:

    “You know with the song, I think I was mad at myself and mad at the world I think because there were no songs out like that at the time. I was just thinking about all the things I been through, and all things other people go through. Just a whole bunch of bullshit crowded up in my head that I just had to get out. So I just released it. I released my anger, and used my talent you know, and that’s what came out of that. I feel like that’s the way I need to record from now on…”

    Rich Boy is currently in the studio recording his sophomore album with Polow Da Don.

  7. What else does the south have??, duh.
    nice vid Dex, but i still can’t get over the fact this is the same kid that put out “throw some d’s on that bitch”. It’s whatever though. I wish there was more David banners coming up, but that hopes empty.

  8. Sara – haha! don’t give up hope quite so soon. Things are changing (maybe).

    Talat1 – There are. Willie D said the same thing in that Imus episode a while back.

    Did anyone else pick up on what dude is saying about rap money in that little interlude? Pretty important.

  9. isn’t that cute? how he puts his hands in front of his eyes when he says: i don’t see no haters.


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