You could probably say that there is some sort of skewed-ass social consciousness theme in theme in here, find but no official concept this time. This is the Travis Episode, because my friend Travis is in the hospital and I want him to get healed up soon so we can continue partying. Stay strong, famo.

On to the episode.


Intro Beat: Beewirks – Make It Happen. This isn’t the first time dude has placed on a Mixtape Show intro. myspace.com/beewirks.

Sha Stimuli – The N Word. Two dollars says most of you didn’t realize what was going on until a few bars into the first verse. This is inevitably going to bring up controversy, which is brilliant. What do you all think of this one (the theme, I mean – musically it’s beyond dispute that dude has talent). As far as n-word alternatives, I’m a fan of the word “family” in all its iterations – famo, fam, etc – or “dude”, as anyone who reads this site often can probably surmise. “Brah”, however, is not okay unless you are an islander, period. myspace.com/shastimuli.

Duo Live – Caught Up (feat Talib Kweli). I coulda cut the outro short on this one, but it’s just too nice. This is my first time hearing of dudes, but apparently they are really on their grind nowadays. Sounds good to me. myspace.com/duolive.

M.I.A. – Paper Planes (remix feat Bun B and Rich Boy). All three of these artists should be on your “man hol up these people go hard” list. I gotta say, after Arular dropped I was a little mild on M.I.A (Piracy Funds Terrorism went way harder) but this last album is just the business. Then you add Bun B AND Rich Boy to the mix? Too much. Plus this is at once the catchiest and most violent hook in recent memory. I gotta do a post about M.I.A.’s show sometime soon. miauk.com.

Guru – Cuz I’m Jazzy (feat Slum Village). Well, the production on this cut doesn’t exactly belie the title. Apparently this was a very good week for music. Dig the synth violins in the chorus. gurusjazzmatazz.net.

Scienz Of Life – Build Wit Me (feat Baretta 9). John Robinson is one of the most positive people I know. This is an old 2001 cut from the ATL days, showing us all that you don’t need to go crazy with the drums because sometimes the sample just wants to be left alone. And what’s with the bonus beat outro? myspace.com/scienzoflife.

Nicolay and Kay – Stop My Way (feat Mic of The Legendary KO aka K-Otix). As seen before way back in Ep 16, Mic graces the B-side for the N&K concept project single. I wasn’t quite sold on this cut until that whistle synth came in – then it was game over. Great cut. Too bad I didn’t get hold of this one in time for the Love Episode. And the outro is some of the most ignorant shit I’ve heard in like two days. myspace.com/nicolay.

Outro Bonus Cut: Bomani – Read A Book Remix (feat Hueman Prophets) (snippet). If you wanna hear the full version, you’ll have to check Bomani’s myspace! I think most people remember the video and song from this, but not too many people actually know who is behind the song. This song is totally different from the original, but for some reason the end of the last version is really hilarious to me. I’ve got to admit that I haven’t read most of the books on these dudes’ lists. Somebody should make a dance to this song.

And we should start a Mixtape Show Book Club.

20 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 94: TRAVIS

  1. Beewirks is a massive favorite – that “Make it happen” track has been on repeat for a week now! Probs the most interesting beatmaker on my radar right now. Big up.

    Get well Travis.


  2. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…but uselot need to do a best of nas type of mix…………..IF U CAN….


    BIG UP


  3. Hey wuts up…thanks again to Dex for putting my joint up on here…Iain thanks for the big up and if anyone wants to get in contact with me…hit my myspace up

  4. ever since mos said that ‘they say it again when they with they close associates and friends’ and ‘when this song is in they car’ i’ve had second thoughts everytime i’m rappin along with my favorite rappers droppin the n word everywhere.

    after trying several variations we’ve discovered that the absolute most hilarious replacement is the word mister. so now its a game replacing all the n words with mister.. singin along with the aforementioned mos def song using that trick is the height of entertainment..

    of course, i think its bullshit that somebody would get pissed off if i was singing along with a song.. and if all my favorite rappers are as talented as i thought they were, they should be able to do better and not give it to me to sing along with..

  5. Dex:

    Nicolay and Kay, no doubt they’re spending time down in Utrecht.
    Have you seen the jayz video with him throwing around euros, hell ya i’d be making money in the Netherlands.

    MIA shows? shit, check Paper Planes @ Treasure Island Music Festival.
    The track is an anthem.

  6. Hey Dex, been meaning to thank you for offering to send me some recommendations as a response to my comment on your last podcast. I’ll definitely take you up on that offer but for now I’m more than content digging through your virtual crates!

    Got a quick recommendation of my own for you – though chances are you’ve already heard/seen this. Buddy just sent me this link to a Somalia-born Canadian rapper named K’Naan, who has a novel twist to Lupe’s Kick Push. Only part that I don’t like is the “uh-uh-uh-uh” at the very beginning, but the rest borders on genius, imho.

    Check it out when you get a chance.


    Keep keeping it real, Dex.


  7. D – yep, caught that video a while back. Really crazy. I played Knaan a loooong time ago on Episode 18. I think I got some new live CD from him a couple weeks back, but I haven’t listened to all of it yet. Dude has some good tunes though.

    Astron: what video were you talking about again?

    mccm: “mister”. Haha. You make an interesting point about the talent level of someone that can’t find more creative words to use. I’d argue that there are several other things at play in the decisions (rap being a reflection of (in some cases putative) “reality”, the question of who the music is for, etc), but yeah.

    Driving home from work a couple months back I rolled up next to a white dude in a pickup, wearing some country-ass threads and looking like something from a Dukes of Hazzard outtake, bumping some of the most vulgar-ass Three 6 Mafia cut in the world. Something about beating niggas up in clubs. And just bobbing his head. Weird.

  8. On second thought, I think a good 80% of all triple 6 joints are about beating niggas up in clubs.

  9. Ryan – wow, good looking out. I’m gonna try to swing through trav’s place later, I’ll pass on the positive vibes. How’s the site going – looks good!

    AP – yeahh. This MIA is still got me buggin out. Have you heard the record? Definitely worth owning.

  10. Man, I thought I was the only one feeling that girl M.I.A, she is a great artist who cares about the people evn if it means revolution. Love her and I hope others catch on.

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