Yep. Halloween is right here, sildenafil and here I am with a love concept episode. You’ll see what it is soon enough. Let’s get into the…

Track List

Intro Instrumental: Deltron 3030 – Love Story. Intro featuring SuhBURB as the player mentor myspace.com/delthefunkyhomosapien.

Black Spade – To Serve With Love. Ridiculous-ass parachute pants mention in the intro aside, this is just simply a great track. I think this was my introduction to Black Spade back in mid 05 or so – then he shows up on the Nicolay release and rips that one apart too. myspace.com/blackspade

Unagi - Hello Girl. I think this is actually the track that inspired this episode, which I’ve been compiling and conceptualizing for longer than I’d care to admit (who knew – good, recent rap music about love is sort of hard to find). Unagi was kind enough to send me like his entire catalogue some time ago, and this was one of my jams. Thanks, fam. unagi442.com.

C Boogie + Kenyatta - Blackanese Invasion. Okay, I was joking about the title. This dances very close to the “ooh baby let me describe your silky brown skin / hips / good hair / etc” that generally gets the Further Adventures Of Lord Quas Track #13 Treatment* from me – but that’s just because I have an extremely low tolerance for that sort of thing. But – I liked this track. That says something. It’s good. myspace.com/cboogie.

* First one to explain that reference gets a shoutout in the next show. ell oh ell.

Little Brother – That Ain’t Love feat Jozeemo. I haven’t personally listened to all of “Get Back” yet, but word is (okay, my man B has been telling me every day on AIM) that “it’s brilliant” and “hasn’t left his CD player for a week” and “oh my god dex I woke up this morning and I made Orange Tang and I listened to the CD and it’s so good man you need to stop listening to that Bathin Apes shit and get with this good music”. Forsooth, I’ve been listening to Soulja Boy on repeat since September and haven’t had time for that LB. Anyone got the real thing and want to corroborate B’s findings? I do like this song.

Quasimoto – Hydrant Game. Speaking of Quas…This isn’t the Jaylib remix (which is great, and appears on the 2K8 soundtrack), but the original. If you don’t already own this release, you really need to get on it. Shouts to Stones Throw myspace.com/quasimoto.

Pharoahe Monch – The Trilogy Pt 2 feat Dwele (Soul Essentialz Re-Edit). Cut is mean. I still haven’t gotten to listen to this whole record, but remember this joint? Man. R Kelly who? myspace.com/pharoahemonch, and myspace.com/soulessentialz.

Marion Brown – ‘Don’t Take Your Love From Me (Solo Sax)’. 30 seconds. Yep.

Darondo – Didn’t I. I don’t know, you tell me. Darondo on Ubiquity.

Outro Instrumental: Three 6 Mafia – Don’t Call Me No More. Not that I would listen to the normal song much, but the beat is pretty cool.

Share your feelings in the comments below. Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the background picture in this episode artwork.

32 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 93 – LOVE

  1. great episode.

    2 other love tracks off the top of my dome:

    de la soul – with me
    talib kweli feat. hi-tek – love language

  2. hello girl sounds like the start of that wu song. i lost the name.

    ‘i look like kanye west’ lol.

  3. This episode is off the hook ..im going home now to play my project pat cd..keep up the good work!!

  4. sc – speaking of talib, i came very close to dropping that “hot thing” joint, but eh…instro was great, lyrics got on my nerves.

    ouxie – which song? and yes, kanyeezy. you know what it is.

    vince78 – lemme check those joints. the Mayda title reminds me of that old Gone Til November joint – Wyclef Jean! The Carnival was a great record.

    Talat1 – Okay – so what’s your favorite joint on that record? Mine hands down is “You Like”. Most ignorant-ass intro in the world, but the beat and hook is just too ignorantly great to not love.

  5. vince And wow, didn’t see those coming. I’m not sure if I’d heard about that story in the 2nd link – but then again, it seems that every other day I’m hearing about that kinda thing going down in Iraq, so who knows?

    And the 2nd piece makes a point which has been made before but is really crucial – that the media really shies away (or conceals, if you prefer) from covering anything related to violence against women, particularly women of color. I actually did a piece on this a long time ago, but never put it out due to time issues – it ended up becoming part of the Don Imus feature (which caused a little bit of controversy itself). But it’s something we need to be aware of and look at and act on. Thanks for that link.

  6. i think you should post the entire hokinishu (sp?) if you want “played out shit to say to an asian woman” among the most popular being what you wrote BUT you forgot to mention porcelin and cherry blossoms.

    and before you say “what about that one poem you wrote that one girl that had cherry blossoms DUDE?”

    she didn’t know shit about poetry. she deserved it.

  7. “And they say that money change you, but money don’t change you, it just makes you more of what you already are.”

    Love that line!

    Respect due, Dex. Just dicovered this site a couple of weeks ago, after a long and frustrating search for a quality hiphop show online. Thanks for filling a big void.

  8. I can relate Dex sometimes its really hard to say the right words….

    Keep up the good work

  9. supercali – have you been drinking at work again?

    Deric – THE deric? D-Rock? oh shit son. you stop being emo. cut your hair.

    Derek – wow, thanks fam. Check the archives, or hit me with an email and I’ll pass you some of the more popular joints for you to check out. I really need to do a “popular shows” feature…

    Mr U – shit man. I’m not even sure what I’m eating for lunch today, much less what I’m gonna be doing in 7 episodes. Any ideas, anyone?

    sm72 – story of my life!

  10. Ideas –
    Influental producers EP
    Mix of past EP’s
    Best collabs in history EP
    Roots EP
    GSH (Remix and originals) EP
    Well that’s mine so far, tell what you think.


  11. Dude…

    I just got put on to your podcast a few months ago..
    So far the “Love” ep. is my favorite. The Black Spade track is way dope..

    Thank you for being you..

  12. U – that GSH remixes sounds good, actually. You aware of any good ones out there? I can’t think of what I’m gonna do for ep 100 yet, hahah. We’ll see.

    megatron – thanks! yeah, that Black Spade joint is really hard.

  13. Dex :

    Talking with girls is hard. Whens the last time suburb got laid?
    I’m talking about a pharrell and sean price joint.

  14. yo dex
    sup man
    thx for playin that pharo cut
    got sum more goodies 4 u
    but hook us up with a lil shine man
    get me sum hits on myspace u kno

    always luvin the show!!!!
    from Toronto

    Soul Essentialz

  15. ignorantly great is the best way to describe project pat. just gettin the feed up..ill show. lovin the Quas track + that sax solo.

  16. Hey all, from Chile, South America. Whats the name of the song when the guy’s story with the chick becomes unfolding, right after the first player’s advices
    thanks and piece to all

  17. Alvaro: That’s the first track on the playlist after the intro. The artist is Black Spade, track is called To Serve With Love.

    cko: gotcha, my bad on not properly crediting that one! The playlist is fixed. Artists, make sure to tag your tracks so I know who you are three months down the road!

    Mr U. King Heroin is always a classic. Good looking on that Home is where the Hatred is – led me back to the Gil Scott-Heron original, which is brilliant. I need to go steal some vinyl.

    Sara. Get up on it already!

    Brer – where them comics at?!

    and SuhBURB and Astro: jeeeeezus

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  19. I want to know what’s the name of the track that you hear in the first part of the song “to serve with love” form black spade, the one that is playing while the couple discuss.

    Thanks! and Peace

  20. Alvaro – that’s actually part of the song. It might be sampled, but that info wasn’t included in the tracklist.

  21. Okay dex- one I absolutely love this episode and two, when the hell are you going to come out on a weekly basis. I mean, I know the recent ep said you were in school and all that other but dang slim….can I get some more music. this mixtape.net show is like crack or something….LOL! so….come give me some more!!! need this on a weekly honey….

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