Hey, remember when Busta Rhymes was funny?

I do:

Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More

This one is just plain weird.

Busta Rhymes – Dangerous

This video in particular was bananas. I remember my friend telling me that the white dude in the car was Busta with makeup on, capsule and I didn’t believe him until I saw it again.

Craig Mack – Flava in Ya Ear Remix feat Biggie Smalls, Rampage, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J

I think it’s hilarious that everybody shows up to the video show with standard gear on, but Busta feels it necessary to bring some ridiculous-ass hat and jump around in front of the camera like an idiot. Also LL is the only dude that felt it necessary to bring some scantily-clad woman along with him. I don’t like LL so much.

Bonus Video: Lupe Fiasco – And He Gets The Girl (unofficial)

I don’t really remember this song, but it, and the video, are hella cute. Reminds me of a certain Mixtape Show episode.

As an aside, Kanyeezy has an oddly decent blog.

How was everyone’s weekend?

8 thoughts on “Hey, remember when Busta Rhymes was funny?

  1. The weekend flew by but that Flava in Ya Ear video took me back. I remember playing this stupid game in school called MASH (remember?) were a girl had to pick 2 guys she wanted to marry & then you’d pick 2 ugly ones— well Craig was one of em’. She could’ve ended up rich, living in a mansion, pushing a Benz & all that but it really didn’t matter once she found out she’d have to spend the rest of her life as Mrs. Mack, lol step on the stage & all the girls scream

  2. Man, memoriessss. Used to love Bus back in the day. That Mack joint was the shit too. Aww you said the vid was cute, you must be twiterpated. Weekends are lovely, always.
    be well

  3. HAHAHAHA. MASH was terrible, somehow I always ended up with somebody I hated, twenty kids, and living in a shack. boo.

    that video IS cute. come on.

  4. Easy, Dex…hope all is good….long time no talk (damn day job far too hectic!)

    Nice one for pullin’ out theres Busta videos….you kinda forget how much stuff the guy has done, man….

    Anyway, I know a lot of people weren’t really feeling it, but I liked his “Extinction Level Event” stuff….his 1999 album about the end of the world….it was just plain crazy…..I’m sure I smoked myself into another dimension whilst listening to it!

    And, anyone that can shout “FLIP MODE SQUID-ODD” and get away with it is cool in my book!!

    Thanks for sharing this stuff whit us, man….lots of memories…(In fact, I think I’m gonna roll me a blunt, and go find my copy of that album!)

    Be good, amigo…speak soon


  5. “you got to give me some more

    damn girl, there aint no more…is there?”

    this is it baby, you got girls sliding off their seat dex, hA!

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