Jay Electronica Live

too late, cialis you already missed him:

Jay Electronica’s performance of “…because he broke the rules” at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards 2008

I realize that in some senses UK has overall better taste in music right now than we do, healing and I’m happy that Jay got out there to do his thing, but seriously, somebody back home needs to give this dude a chance.

I mean, the Beeb is already up on this. You can hear this set to music on the first Jay Electronica podcast posted here – about 9 minutes in. Danke.

And while we’re at it:

Blu – Just Another Day.

Here’s a joint that never quite made it to Below The Heavens. Pretty interesting concept behind the video – I mean, it may all be centered around passing around a joint (stay in school and off drugs, kids), but the message itself is a good look. Recommended – and if you’ve forgotten where you first heard Blu, you might want to check the Mixtape Show archive for more Blu and refresh your memory.

And some good news – sounds like I’ve got some more giveaways coming up soon. As always, Facebook group members get first crack, so jump on that. Also check the official Mixtape Show Facebook page.

Actually, speaking of Facebook, here’s an ad I caught yesterday:

oh hell no.

7 thoughts on “Jay Electronica Live

  1. Better taste- yep! Better bling- nope. The U.S. has all the video hoes + we got the air brush game on lock. We should be grateful

    Yo, I found my favorite verse off that Act 2 (preview?):
    “Nikkaz took that petty cash from FEMA & copped a couple choppers cause the coppers on a cleanup”

  2. Hey Dex…what’s happening? – been a while…
    Loving the new(ish!) site-layout, and the mixes are on-point, as always…Always a pleasure to hear/see some Jay Electronica material…

    I’ve kind of been off-radar for a few weeks (as you’ll have noticed)…so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do…it’s all good though…and, like I say, the site’s here’s looking hot…good to see…

    I’ll drop you a mail in the next couple of days…just poppin’ in to say keep up the good work amigo

    Be good…

  3. that is a tight song ..damn after i finished watching it ..it had me thinking ..then i just threw my chip the ripper mixtape back on …(i get the point)

  4. Jafree – it’s interesting to get it slowed down a little – I feel like he just wanted people to really sit down and hear what he was trying to say – it makes going back and listening to the original one (which I’ve done at least twice) that much better.

    vince – You’re right. I want to go grab a pair of custom jeans and a 3XTL white tee with my face airbrushed on both on some Theo from the Cosby show.

    That line, though – yeah, man. A lot of reality and bad memories in that one. That’s one thing that can’t really be talked about enough for me. I’m glad he’s doing it.

    Agent M – good to see you back man!

  5. ok from the new track by blu, i went back to ep 34, now i’m on that early mixtapeshow vibe and i’m gonna bounce to 38 next. if i had a dub sac i’d hit ep 42 but i don’t so i don’t wanna listen to it sobz.

    i gotta go buy a new slipmat. peace!

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