What up, I’m dead

Yeah, stuff yeah, treat I know.

Been busy recently. I’ll give a better update later, there but yeah.

In the meantime, a couple of things before I forget them:

Iain Haywood interviews Dex Digital, podcast supremo* and founder of the internet music phenomenon The Mixtape Show…:
I was interviewed, forever ago, on Durham21, which is apparently like an online college student mag on steroids. This is seriously the most ridiculously well-written and designed student site I’ve ever seen, so being on here is sort of an honor, I think. It’s mainly me being all self-important and egotistical, but it might be funny to read, because I actually meant most of what I said. I am usually on the other side of the mic in an interview, so I appreciate how well this one was done. Thanks to Iain for taking time out to do the interview.

Note that I haven’t said “supremo” since I was about eleven, and the same probably goes for Iain. The title was someone else’s editorial decision, I think.

Feature on Foundation Media:

Foundation Media
was kind enough to feature the show on their front page in the Featured DJ/Artist slot. JJ and them have definitely supplied the show with plenty of music in the past, so this was also a cool look.

I feel like an ass putting these things up on the site, but really, I just want to thank people for the extra push. It’s really appreciated.

Apologies, I think my English is seriously starting to deteriorate.

New things soon.

CBC interview up, Jena 6 madness continues.

So yeah, sale like I mentioned on the last show, click I was interviewed on the CBC’s Radio One, anorexia on a show called Search Engine. The link to the interview is up on the CBC front page (for now), and you can see the blog post for this week’s show here, and direct download the show mp3 from their site

Listen to
. They did a little mash-up of the Jena 6 podcast, which means that some of you are also on there.

If nothing else, you can laugh at how I sound on the radio. Also note that while I have very little connection with this “afrosphere”, I have been told that my Afro is spherical.

In other news, Mychal Bell is finally out on bail, Davey D puts the lack of responsible rappers into perspective, my man John Carlos is telling people what time it is, and white supremacist groups have started issuing death threats and posting the addresses of the Jena 6 kids on the internet in an invitation for people to go do physical harm to them.

You read that right.

So I got interviewed

and I thought I might share it with you. Matt from The Aesthetic Poetic (which I have actually recommended before) somehow got it into his head that it would be a good idea to ask me some questions and post the results. So if the prospect of looking at a textual account of my ability to dodge questions and jump all over the place in one sentence appeals to you, advice by all means click here and read.

On the real though, hospital Matt, good looking out on the interview. Everybody go to his site now and tell him that he’s insane for not liking the McFly 2015s.

Also shouts to Mamiko for the image used in the interview, because I’m too dumb to actually go out and buy my own goddamn camera.

Mixtape Show listed as top podcast in Q Magazine

The Mixtape Show was mentioned in UK music magazine Q in the March 2007 issue on page 91.

Yes I know I already told you, sick but after the thousands upon thousands of emails asking me to get you all proof (okay actually ouxu left a comment), recipe I finally managed to get an image up.

The article, stomach “[the] 100 Best Places to Get Free Music”, has subcategories like live music, labels (nice to see stones throw on there), mp3 blogs – and the last category, starting at #91, is Podcasts, with everyone’s favorite hip-hop podcast at the head of the list. Others listed include Peter Townshend and this cool little indie station out in the UK called the BBC.

I also liked how they said that the show is “lively”. I’ll probably make some sort of joke about this later.

Anyway, as I said in the last episode – to everyone that listens to the show, and especially those of you that hit up the email/comments/phone line, thanks. Also thank you to Q Magazine‘s Chris Cottingham, Johnny Davis, Jaimie Hudgson, and Rupert Howe, or whichever one of you got really stoned and thought you heard a MF Doom freestyle on my show and decided to put me in your list.

This week’s episode is going to be really good.