Been a long time coming, surgeon but here we go with yet another installment of The New Soul (see whole series lineup here), hosted by Mixtape Show comrade Black TK. This time, TK introduces – or re-introduces, us to two of the true pioneers of this soultronica sound – Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. What they did with their drum programming and synthesizer lines was groundbreaking – and continues to influence producers of progressive music to this day.

For you old heads out there who remember these joints, take off those rose-tinted glasses and really listen to what these dudes are doing with their instrumentation, basslines, and production. Then compare with the next installment of the Soultronica Saga…coming quite soon. Or while you’re waiting, go listen to some of the old Soultronica episodes and hear whence people like Sa-Ra, J*Davey, and hell, Pharrell are taking their cues.


Cherrelle - I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On. The bassline on this is mean!
Janet Jackson – Nasty. The clarity of the snares on this cut is brilliant. I remember hearing this as a young child and thinking Janet was talking about boys that played in the muddy part of the sandbox.
The S.O.S. Band – No One’s Gonna Love You. Check the processed 909 work and basslines on this one.
Janet Jackson – Making Love In The Rain. I’ve always dug the muted trumpet sound, regardless of the genre. I think I have a Suburb beatflip of this one, now that I listen to this again.

Note that this is also a continuation to the Origins Episode – highly recommended for some more early Soultronica sounds.

And on another note, I have some Black TK material that is going to absolutely blow your mind. I’m dead serious on this one. Blow your mind. Watch for that.

10 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 105 – THE NEW SOUL 5 – JIMMY JAM + TERRY LEWIS

  1. can`t believe no one has commented yet. this episode is so on point it`s ridiculous. straight up!

  2. Huge fan of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis so Im diggin this. Probably wouldnt have fit the mix but Tender Love was another dope JJ/TL production. Crazy simple yet timeless.

  3. also wonders how the hell you got all her secret JAMS in one mixtape.

    this bitch says you make him think of his X.

    def some jamboree time.

    oh yea, dont forget to delete this comment too.

  4. Wicked stuff Dex….nice to see a bit of recognition for these guys :)

    The older heads amongst us can cetainly see their influnce in a lot of modern stuff in synths/loops etc, as you mention…(been on a bit of Pete Rock/CL Smooth tip myself of late, for the same kind of reason…)

    A nice trip down memory lane for someone who is now feeling very old after listening to the SOS Band!! :)

    Keep up the good work, man……fresh….


  5. nasty boys, my dad use to sing that to himself all the time. I’d like to see how New Jack Swing was incorporated in New Soul if it hasn’t been done yet. Much props to Black TK and Dex as always!

  6. been mad busy, sorry for going MIA on yall.

    All respect due to TK for this one. I really do need to get back into the lab and cut a Soultronica 5…

    Rebecky, IMA CUT YOU.

  7. taking it back to the 80′s ..jimmy jam and terry lewis ..this is going on my page

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