note: if you accidentally got ep 11 instead of 118 in your iTunes, hospital my bad. Things are fixed now. Try hitting the “update” button in your iTunes or podcast client. Sorry about that.
注意:間違って118回の代わりに11回をもらった購読者がいらっしゃったそうなんですが、まことに申し訳ないです。 iTunes又は常用のポッドキャストアプリで「更新」のボタンを押せば直ります。

So I’ve been recently getting a little jealous of the popularity of the Soultronica Series on my own site. I’m not really sure how they do it, discount but somehow Digi (the 2109 version) and Brotherton manage to consistently make tapes that rival, or maybe exceed, my stuff. Even though it’s been over a year since there’s been a proper update to the Saga, I still get mail about it.

I mean, they’re 100 years in the future so I guess it makes sense that they’re more advanced than me, but still. So I figured I’d try my hand at something different, but still kept it 2009 with it. Hope you dig.

通常はラップばかりのMixtape Showなんだけど、今週は敢えて新しい方向へチャレンジしたいと思ってソウル・R&B系へと向かった。イントロではあまり話さないけど、まあ、僕の声が聴きたくてこのサイトに来てくれたわけでもないだろう。


introlude: Ratatat - Nostrand

The Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper feat Muhsinah. Not really the way that I normally start things out, but I dig this one. Shouts to Aimee, by the way.

本当ならこんな風に回を始めないけど、こんな曲が好き。Aimeeに感謝。 myspace.com/theforeignexchange.

Dwele – Untitled. At least, it didn’t have a title when I got it from Sweeney Kovar like a year ago.

ドゥエレ(だと思われる歌手)からの無題の曲。まあ、Sweeney Kovarからもらったとき、タイトルはなかったけど。myspace.com/dwele.

J*Davey -You Are. This one probably has a proper title by now, but this was the track name when I got it Got a title. Thanks Niels.
今となってはこの曲はきっとちゃんとしたタイトルを持ってるけど、もらったときは単に「untitled 2」だった。 やっぱちゃんとしたタイトルはあったよね。 ありたとう、Niels.myspace.com/jdaveybaby.

Full Crate - She Was Fly feat Mar. Space out, man. The video for this is sort of cool, sort of scary.

なんか超現象的。 この曲のPVはカッコイイつーか、怖いつーか。myspace.com/fullcrate.

Dwele – Workin’ On It. This hits like 4 classics in the space of about a minute and a half.

やばい。 1分半のあいだに4曲のディラーによる古典にも触れる。

Innosphere – Gotta Be Me. Brand new group formed by Mixtape Show alumni Kenny Keys and a new name (to me), Nina Rae. Sort of raw on the mastering process, but I dig this one. I was actually about to put an old Z’hane remix Kenny had sent me on this, but I got this and changed my mind. Looks like they have a site up here.

かつてこのMixtape Showにも素晴らしいビート力を見せてくれたケニー・キーズと(僕の中で)新人のニナ・レーからなる新しいウイニット、インノスフィーア。 録音物としてはちょっと生っぽいけど、好き。 実はケニー・キーズによるZhaneのリミックスを入れようと思ってたけど、この曲をもらって気が変わった。 

Jimmie Reign – 3 The Game. See, if I wouldn’t have pulled this out, I could have almost passed this off as something Brothertron put together. Couldn’t help it though. Also, everybody take this opportunity to make sure that you’re being real with your significant others people in general.
これさえ流さなければ、これをブラザートロンが作ったミックスとして掴ますこともできただろう。 あと、いまのうちに、みんな、彼氏とか彼女とかに、自分に素直でいれてるか確認しよう。

L.A.U.S.D. - iFeel feat Curly Tops and Nautica Jackets. Okay seriously these two need to stop with extra names. Generally the acceptable limit is 6ish official names plus 37 throwaways used in rap lyrics only ala Wu-Tang, but these two are about to get their alias privileges revoked just off the ridiculousity of their first picks. I’m not sure which is which, but Jack of J*Davey and Blu are both on here. Also L.A.U.S.D. as in the producers, not as in the system that screwed up countless friends (shout outs to the San Bernardino system too though). The more I listen to this the more I like it. Even though it’s sort of corny.

Suhburb - Gone Away feat Aniyia.
I’m running out of things to say about this guy. If you don’t get it, maybe you just don’t get it. わかる?

この番組を熱心に聴いてくれてる方の馴染みのサバーブ。いつもながらとんでもない作曲ぶりをみせてくれる。こいつやっぱすごいね。ところで、まだ元ネタがわかならないのなら、T.I.のWhat You Know About Thatを聴いてからこれを聴き直してね。myspace.com/suhburb.

So that’s what it is. And yeah, no outro on this one, but after the last couple joints, I’m sure nobody’s exactly complaining.


24 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 118 – CHANGE OF DIRECTION

  1. Hey Dex, great episode! I really dug the track selection. Great music, wonderful artists. I REALLY liked the new group, Innosphere. I’m a huge Kenny Keys fan, and its good to see him back on the music landscape with a new and different project. Keep us posted on whats happening with Innosphere!!

  2. Jay – no doubt, fam. Yeah, all I have so far from Innosphere is this joint, but I’m definitely waiting for more from them. They’re apparently so new that they don’t even have a myspace yet.

    vince78 – that’s weird, it worked okay for me – but just in case I just went in and cleaned up some of the code up, try it again? Here’s the direct link: Mixtape Show Episode 11.

    And wow listening to this now is pretty weird. I barely remember recording this. I think this is just before I left for Alabama.

  3. I love the new Innosphere!
    A little something new…..Keep us posted on new material.
    Where can I find out more?

  4. vince – oh, I think I misunderstood the problem. I got another email telling me the same thing just now. I fixed it though, everything should run right.

    DigiGirl – whoa. Yeah, so far all I’ve got is kenny’s myspace, but if I get more material I’m digging, you’ll know where to find it.

  5. wow. Looks like iTunes also sent the wrong episode out to a few thousand people. Somehow I forgot the “8″ in “118″, and it sent everyone episode 11. That’s sort of embarrassing.

    Anyway, I think I’ve fixed it now. Hit the “update” button in your iTunes/podcast download client, and feel free to delete the blast from the past.

  6. hi dexie.
    #2 is not dwele.
    why you aint shout me out in every show? i thought that was what i paid you for? but i appreciate you keeping me underground.

  7. 真美子 あざーす

    o to the u#2 isn’t? I’ve had it for too long to remember. I also don’t remember seeing any checks from you. Might want to get on that.

  8. and what if I am?

    Ok, just for that, next episode is all about selling coke and shooting kids

  9. (Brer) “Aint nothing changed but the format.. Funk, Soul, Jungle man you gotta play all that”

    “A DJ is not a jukebox.. Fuck your requests.. You came to hear the DJ rock” lol

    DJ Revolution ft KRS-1– “The DJ”

    (Dex) Keep doing your thing! I’m feeling the Full Crate joint. I see what you saying about the video. It kind of makes sense though (the fast-forward pacing) especially near the end cause she looks drunk

  10. haha! I’m gonna have to keep that phrase in mind for the next live joint I do out here…

  11. Your Soultronica-esque shows are the best – and this is coming from a hip-hop head. I always look to your podcast to deliver something refreshing. Everything was dope about this episode, but that last song was kinda outta place (guess why u put it at the end), anyhow fam, keep up the good work, and try to be consistent (weekly)

  12. Yo Dex- you did work on this one fam!! Alright i bug you anymore about the Soultronica saga> however, stop sleeping on the t-shirts!!

  13. Jimmy – yeah man, just been getting back into the swing of things out here!

    LiBM – Last song mighta been outta place, but it’s definitely really dope to me. I guess it helps if you listen to the original Roberta Flack (or even T.I.’s What You Know About That) beforehand, though. And yeah, while I can’t really compete with what 3009 dex digi and brotherton do, putting stuff like this together is definitely pretty fun.

    Consistency, coming soon… promise.

    T the Pirate – haha, feel free to keep bugging about it, I been waiting on it myself! And trust me, I’d love to have tees myself, but a) I have a hard time believing anyone would want em and b) you sorta have to have a design/logo, which I don’t!

    (ps, anyone who wants to make me one, feel free…ahem)

  14. Heey, I love this episode….Dex Digitalさんは日本語も大丈夫なんですか!?it’s like wooow!! lol

  15. Akkee – はじめましてー

    Thanks fam! Didn’t know this one was going to go over so well! はい、日本語でも英語でもどっちでもいいでーす

  16. Ahhh wow brozino!!

    that full crate is the illest!!
    im tryin to find more of him and fs green…great combo of talent!!

    also feelin that J*Davey track nice vocals

    this that kinda vibe that if i were still blowin tree’s i’d def blaze one to this!!

  17. Long time listener… First time poster!

    That first track is like… Passing through the light of the ages.

    A love story so timeless… Young as it is beautiful, and old and wise as the redwood that stands so strong.

    Music for the new world and souls old & young alike.

    Big Love from a corner of light in LDN town

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