After what, stomach like a year of Earth time, the two adventurers from the 2100s are back with the future funk. In this installment, Dex Digital (wait, that’s not his real name?) and Brothertron are busy repairing their ship after getting half blown apart by space pirates. Everything is going well, if slowly, until all of a sudden the main computer starts, well…malfunctioning?

Note – this is a continuation of the Soultronica Saga series – if you missed Episode 5, you might wanna check that out.


Introlude -
Black Milk – Purple Track 6
Black Milk – Purple Track 8

A Leon – Spaced Out. Real talk, this track is a large part of what prompted this episode. I don’t really think there’s a whole lot that needs to be said about this cut. And just a reminder – for those of you who were in to myspace.com/aleoncraft

Co$$ – Khakis and Taylors. More ridiculous, random statements (“documenting the documentations?”) from someone you’ve heard here before. This one kinda just goes hard. m/paidthecoss.

Saroc – The First Mother. Production from Sol Messiah. I can’t really think of any other artists that could get away with running the same lyrics twice – but in this case, it’s more than worth the second runthrough. Everything I have heard from this woman has been dope. I got a little more Saroc on the way too…

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis
Louis Bordeaux – Say The Word Again Bitch (

Gil Scott-Heron – Angel Dust. Really, just bootlegged off of an old Sa-Ra mixtape.

Ta’Raach & Konphlict – 10 Feet High (Giraffe Pussy). I can’t even pretend that I understand this one. Stoned rappidy raps over triple time. m/taraach.

Afro-Mystik – Urban Euphoric. Off the Future Tropic record. I can’t really even recall why I have this joint, but it’s definitely very good. m/afromystik

Team Knoc – Swisher. Sirrealz is actually one of my favorite artists, even though I haven’t heard much from the dude lately. Team Knoc can be kinda hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit. m/officialteamknoc.

Biosphere – In Triple Time. I really recommend that you just get the full version of this and space out. m/biosphereofficial.

So. Yeah. Soultronica. Holler.



This racism in the USA mess is really getting old. If you haven’t read the last post on the Jena 6, glaucoma do that now.

This episode has been on the back burner for a minute, unhealthy and was going to be in a slightly different form, but I figured now was about as good a time as any for it. I apologize for the tone of the intro and the post. Can’t help it.

I’m going to expound on this later, but I’ll briefly state it here: Do you have a blog? Do you have a radio show, podcast, television show, or newsletter? Then you should be talking about this case.

Bobby Womack – The Facts of Life. You think rappers made the whole “talk for 32 bars before you start rapping” thing? Nope. Bobby Womack is the king of talking for hella bars before he starts singing. Note that this is slowed down, because I like it like that.

Amir Sulaiman – 82nd & Macarthur feat Sugar Macarthur. Yes, this dude sounds way too much like KRS One. I remember rocking this in the car and every 2nd track scanning the CD artwork making sure that this wasn’t like some weird pseudonym for a sideproject (dude does at one point note that he has a “voice like Kris”). This is one of very few spoken word albums I can recommend. Find it, get it. myspace.com/amirsulaiman.

Aya de Leon – If Women Ran Hip-Hop. Off the Queendom, Vol 1release. What can I say? Cosign. ayadeleon.com.

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. There’s really not a whole lot to say about this song. It’s weird how the longer you wait on these joints, the more relevant they become. Gil on wikipedia.

Black TK – Intro: I Do What I Wanna Do. Yes, this is the same Black TK that presents the other side of the cutting edge in soultronica with me here on the Mixtape Show. This is off the unfinished L.A. Hustlers Manual Vol 2. I’ve got volume 1, though, and trust me – this shit will blow your mind. Watch this spot for more.

Saul Williams – Real Niggery Track 5. From the Catchdubs mixtape. His debut album really was not bad if you sat down and gave it a chance, but apparently not enough people did. Nick put this mix together with Saul some time ago, and proceeded to catch heat for the title. Whatever. I haven’t seen him live for a minute, but if he’s in your area, you should go. myspace.com/saulwilliams.

Uzi Smalls – Live at the Delancey NYC ’05 (Break The System). Dude is definitely one of the more unconventional people I’ve had the pleasure of trading e-mail correspondence with. I mean this in the best possible way. He records albums, and gives them away for free. This one just hit me. I recommend his freestyles. myspace.com/uzibaby.

David Banner – Cadillac On 22s (Acoustic Version). This is why there’s no outro – I can’t follow this. Will somebody tell people to stop fucking with Louisiana? I am not enjoying this. myspace.com/davidbanner.

There it is.



At long last, allergist it’s the long-awaited threequel to one of the original concept/spinoff series on this hip-hop podcast – the Beat Tape. Keeping in tradition with recent developments on the show, this tape is all over the place – stylistically and geographically. Three continents, multiple subgenres and inspirations, and just damn. I guarantee at least three rewinds on this episode or your money backTM

Intro – DJ Umoja – Ieidc. Words – my father. I wish I was kidding.

1’05 – Super Smoky Soul – Good Night. Straight out of Tokyo. The Light Smoke EP is the first release on Circulations Japan, and it goes hard. Please check this. Shouts to Dai. myspace.com/circulations

3’40 – DJ Cam – The Sound of The Streets. Now on to France. This joint coulda easily showed up on Episode #68. myspace.com/djcamrecall

5’20 – Iain Haywood – Smooth. And over to the UK. Oh, come on. It’s cute. myspace.com/12pads.

6’35 – Alf-Alpha – 22 Year Old. Back to southern CA. I had this on replay for a very long time. Cut is cute as hell, and I want to call the words/scratches clever, but it’s a little beyond that. I hear dude has an album out. You should check it maybe. myspace.com/alfalpha

10’00 – Gil Scott-Heron – Is That Jazz (excerpt). I have no qualms about jacking things from YouTube. The bassline on this thing is ridiculous.

12’00 – Suburb - untitled. I’ve been sitting on these joints for far too long. Suburb is sort of the truth. Check him out. myspace.com/suhburb.

13’25 – Suburb - Cornelius Brothers flip. See above.

15’30 – Unagi - The One Revisited. Cut is hard. unagi442.com.

18’05 – Disrupt - International Karate Championship. Jahtari, the Leipzig, Germany-based label has been doing their thing for a minute now. This was their first release and you know I am fucking with it. jahtari.org.

20’40 – Disrupt - Events Occur In Realtime. This is an exclusive given to me by the Jahtari kids themselves. jahtari.org.

22’05 – J Dilla – Make Em NV (instrumental). Yep. jdilla.org.

23’20 – 9th Wonder – Track 07. Off the marginally infamous “Black Album Rejects” beat tape that floated around forever ago. myspace.com/9thwondermusic.

This is clearly the best beat tape episode yet, and it has nothing to do with me. Thanks to all the artists for contributing tracks, and I was serious in the outro. I want to know what you think about this. Let me know.

ps – in case you missed the first two in the series, check here: beat tape vol 1, and vol 2.