Well, decease I had to do it. Today’s show contains more than a few joints that a lot of people out there would consider blasphemous. That’s fine. Before you call Focus on the Family on me though, check (happened once before), think for a second about shit like the crack epidemic, about Katrina, about Sudan, and then tell me that there’s no good reason that people should feel like they’ve been shut out. Let’s move.

Mobb Deep feat 50 Cent – Pearly Gates. Exile on the beats here. This is the joint that was censored by Interscope – as in you can’t even get this version that you’re about to hear here in stores. I mean, you’ve got Prodigy saying shit like that he’s going to “see [Jesus] when he sees him” or that he’s gonna beat Jesus up “like the movie” (I’m assuming he’s talking about The Passion of the Christ). But of course, I don’t know what happened in the movie because I didn’t see it, because of the White Jesus factor.

Also, why are people whining about Fiddy singing on hooks? I think he sings good hooks. Please leave Fiddy alone. Dude wants to sing, let him sing. He’s had a rough life. Poor guy.

Thanks to Jon at SIC for getting me this one. www.soundincolor.com

Sin Sizzerb – If God Close the Gate. Sin once again brings some fairly complex lyricism. Not complex like Ghostface, say, but more like complex like when you were in English class and your teacher would make you interpret poetry and shit. A lot of Sin’s more recent shit seems to have a lot of symbolism going on, which I can hardly argue with. Dude comes off as a pretty well-read individual, aside from having a unique-ass flow. Anyone interested in hearing a Sin Sizzerb interview up here? Hit up the comments and let me know. sizzerb.com.

L Jamar – Here Comes the Sun. I like the sample, I like his flow, but this somehow sounds almost too cheerful. I mean, it’s a great song, but I mean, a happy rapper? Who the fuck wants to hear a happy rapper?

Anyway, this song is pretty much loaded with 5% wordplay and ideas. Like I mentioned in the show, on the off chance that you didn’t catch that terrible-ass issue of the Source where they did a “history of the Nation of Gods and Earths” feature, you pretty much have to educate yourself on this shit if you want to continue listening to rap. I really don’t mean to insult anyone out there with this knowledge, but I know there are a lot of “oh man I found this great hippity-hop show on the interweb and its run by this guy who almost sounds white” people out there, and I’m really just looking out for you. I tell you because I care.

Sorry, back to the track. Track is hot, the album comes out soon, and from what I’ve seen of it so far, I recommend it. Maybe we can mash out an interview with L as well. www.5percent.org.

Akir - Urban Sprawl. Yes, this instrumental has been getting around a little bit – I think that just speaks to Exile’s talent. You’ve heard Akir here before, and you know his tendency to drop the political science on you. I’ll leave this one alone here, because you already know that it’s quality. www.myspace.com/akir.

Oh – sidebar - the remark I made in the show at the end about Akir having some supposed “beef” with JWs didn’t really come out right – so ignore it. Dude is obviously not saying anything of the sort, as you’ll notice if you listen closely. My bad. So no offense to any Jehovah’s Witness out there, especially not my Aunt Lucille.

John Robinson – Hit Me Ruff Draft. Come on, it’s John Robinson. This one comes off of The Leak Edition Vol 1, which incidentally features a lot more hot material. Be on the lookout for more of this shit coming soon. Shouts to JR for linking me up with this one. shamanwork.com.

Cheyeah, that’s it for this week. Holler at me with any feedback in the comments section, or whatever. Look out for even more hot shit coming your way like quick snap. Peace.


  1. Look out for Exile’s production on the upcoming Jurassic 5 album as well. Of course, his solo LP, “Dirty Science,” drops this summer.

  2. yo i know that cat Sin cuz i’m from canada but he’s the only wack-free rapper up here. up in this game every MC who sells 30 units to his mom gets a mad false sense of wicked. i never hear about this guy mad talking his shit up. Hit up that interview.

  3. ive posted some trax for sizzerb canada and yo sin’s dope 4 sur but whoever said hes the only wack-free mc in canada is bug. big ups to sin stay up SIZZERB all across the world. Shout outs to my man crood, another very talented distributor holdin it down. peace

  4. get that inteview wit sin, and i agree only wack free rapper hes got da flow, rhymes, and everything else to make it big, selling over 40,000 units prolly more by now but get dat interview

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  6. 50 cent and Prodigy are undeniable talent in the hip hop world, they are capable of finding new innovative ways to connect with the audience, if that means having a little bit of uncomfortable language, then so be it, They’re for effect, getting their message across, true music minds. They are about their fans also! They both have channels, 50′s is on thisis50.com.. and Prodigy has one you can see here: http://www.kyte.tv/ch/29254-the-official-hnic2-channel

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