Okay – it’s that time of year again. The Mixtape Show is up for nomination in the Podsafe Music category at the Podcast Awards. While you listen to the show, pharm please take 30 seconds out of your day to nominate the Mixtape Show hip-hop podcast for this year’s awards.

How To Nominate This Podcast

Step 1: Click here: Vote for the Mixtape Show
Step 2: Scroll down and fill out the Podsafe Music box (third box from the bottom on the left).
   Podcast Name: The Mixtape Show
   Podcast URL: http://mixtapeshow.net
Step 3: Fill in your name, abortion email (they won’t spam you – it’s just to make sure we don’t cheat) and any comments.
Step 4. Hit “submit”.
Step 5. Ask three friends to do the same!


Phat Kat – Cold Steel feat Elzhi (prod. J Dilla). I swear I don’t know where that “Blue Steel” slip came from. This came in on wax forever ago and I never quite got around to spinning it – until this morning. Haven’t had any Phat Kat on the show for a while. myspace.com/phatkatakaronniecash.

Rob O – Mention Me feat Meccalicious (prod. Pete Rock). Official story from the kids at Foundation is that this was recorded back in the mid 90s, heart and just recently resurfaced. I don’t know what this says about rap music, but anyway it’s a nice cut.

Guru - State of Clarity feat Common. Off the upcoming Jazzmatazz Volume 4 The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger: Back to the Future. Does the sample on this one remind anybody else of Taxi? myspace.com/guru7grand.

Beautiful Mindz – Poet Past The Weak. Dudley Perkins is one of the spaciest people alive. The BeautifulMindz record (consisting of Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dudley Perkins, and the UK’s own 2Tall) is ridiculous. Seriously. This spent a good two weeks in my car. This record has my official endorsement. Go buy it, or if you need further encouragement, wait until Soultronica Volume 5, when you’ll hear more snippets. myspace.com/jim2tall

bump – Phat Kat – Nasty Ain’t It (prod. J Dilla)

Count Bass D – Jamaicans Get Down. Like some tossed together joint. The balance on this is perfect though. Feel free to rewind this one a few times. myspace.com/countbassd

Bonus Track – Keith Murray – Nobody Does It Better. This treads dangerously close to the R&B line, but the angry, bitter ranting coupled with the smooth crooning makes this one a winner. myspace.com/keithmurray.

So there’s this week’s joint. As always, check us out on Facebook, myspace, and make sure to vote for the mixtape show in the podsafe music section – the bigger this thing gets, the more music, giveaways, and videos we can get out to you all.

Make sure your friends know – myspace bulletins, facebook messages, whatever! get at me.

16 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 77 – NOMINATE US

  1. this keith murray and the old school nod to the “nas – where are they now” back a couple of episodes ago got me thinking about a show with all old school cats doing new school shit.

  2. Podcast awards 2007, lets do it again! That beautiful mindz myspace link is sum blond chick. I replayed this episode 3 times straight!

  3. Brer. I am just making mistakes left and right today. Fixed that beautiful mindz link. Glad you felt this one!

  4. Mr U – hell to the yes. I wasn’t familiar with Style Council but I dig that cut! Kyle Eastwood makes me want to play Bomberman Hero on my nintendo 64 (check the “Now” track – if you played the game, it’ll probably sound familiar somehow).

    SC – that’s not a bad idea. I may have to do that. Or vice versa – new school artists doing old school material – I think I have some of that around somewhere. Good looking out!

  5. Yeah, so uh…I’m headed to Red, White & Boom in my city on the 3rd (we celebrate the fourth a day early) and realized I put it on the iPod and hadn’t listened to it yet. Man! Nice way to watch some fireworks right??! That Phat Kat joint was catchy. No need to speak on the Common/Guru cut…I’m still coughin’. And the Keith Murray took me back to the “it be’s like that sometimes…” s**t. Ok I’ve said too much. Nice web layout. Dunno what kicks you saw, but this reminds me of the Playstation AF1′s I saw in ATL… [http://www.joystiq.com/2006/01/14/nike-playstation-air-force-ones/]

    I’ve votin’ for you twice Dex!

  6. Yo – rap music and explosions. Winning combination.

    Those shoes ain’t half bad. I’d probably wear them, you know, if I was a celebrity, and somebody gave them to me. I wouldn’t buy them, though.

    Somebody make a Nintendo shoe, though, and we’re talking.

    Glad you felt the layout and the tape, though. And now that you’ve nominated the show (the actual voting will come in soon – and you’ll actually be able to vote once a day, I think), tell everyone else you know! We need a lot of support on this one..

  7. This whole show was bangin’ but i love the Guru/common track. That “Jamaicans get down” is hot too. You never let us down so you got my vote.

  8. Yo this is my first time listening to your show…I’m lovin’ the flava, reaching to us cross seas over here in Bristol dats England folks keep it coming. One!

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