So there it is ladies and gentlemen. The Podcast Awards results are in, syphilis and the Music award went to a Catholic podcast.

As in we did not win.

I deeply appreciate the support shown by everyone who voted and bugged their friends to do the same, but there’s no way I could have expected to pull some stunt like the Religious Studies episode and not expect the big man upstairs to get his in the end. Hope this episode serves as an apology.


Black Moon – Make Munne. Throwwwwwback. Not quite as scary as some of Mobb Deep‘s offerings, but dudes kinda make a kid want to lace up their timbs and shank somebody. But hey – still got some social commentary in there. duckdown.com.

Mac Dre – Feelin Like That Nigga. An unreleased joint. I forget where I got this from, and it’s certainly nothing you would want to emulate (hear that kids?), but this is one of those cuts that both displays Dre’s abilities and is actually palatable to sane people (c.f., for example, the Thizzle Dance). The first time I heard it I thought it was gonna end with him dying, but..well, I won’t ruin it for you. myspace.com/thizzentertainment.

Bobby Digital – So Fly. Didn’t he say he wasn’t doing this Bobby Digital stuff anymore? Not that I mind, RZA can pretty much do anything he wants and I’ll still like it. Off the Afro Samurai soundtrack, which all of you should probably own. I still have yet to watch the show though. myspace.com/rza.

Bushwick Bill – Only God Knows. Throwback again. This song manages to be brooding without being actually depressing – the rationalization he gives for staying alive is pretty sobering. I’ll admit to not being as up on the Geto Boys as I should be – especially considering I interviewed Willie D not too long ago. Recommendations, anyone? www.myspace.com/therealbushwickbill.

T.I. – Still Ain’t Forgave Myself. Throwback city. Damn, this cut is really that good. I didn’t catch this when it first came out – I had to be put up on it via cocaineblunts. The other side of the gangster shit – can you dig this too? myspace.com/trapmuzik.

Intro beat – Beewirks – Relentless. I’m going to have to give this another spin on the show just because it is too good for skit material. Somebody holler at this kid. myspace.com/beewirks.

Oh yeah, have to credit the special guests: Walter Crunkite, my publicist Jerry Goldberg, the KKK, and Jesus.

Okay my throat hurts. Hit the comments and blah blah blah.


  1. Bad luck! Good episode though.

    Was there more than a little Napoleon Dynamite in Jesus? Thats what I imagine the guy to look and sound like. Plus a trucker hat and flip flops.

  2. Iain. Ha. I have no idea, man. That’s one of the few movies I have actually seen, so I guess it’s possible?

    SC. Not just yet, but soon hopefully. what you studying?

  3. Great episode Dex. Walter “Crunk”ite is my new voice for condescending, middle-aged white men.

    Brer, I think he would have to be talking about Super Mario I. I would’ve stopped the cast if it was SM3. 7 minutes is just not feasible with that game, unless of course you grab both flutes in the first world and use them correctly.

    No more ranting about NES games. Again, great episode, I’ll wear this out on my PC at work. An episode a week, keeps the Michael Douglas (Falling Down), suppressed.

  4. yep, SMB 1. I never beat 3. I think I beat 2, but I can’t really remember.

    sc – genetics? Hats off. I don’t even want to ask about that.

    Flip edit – this is when you edit a song for radio play and you simply grab the offending word/phrase and reverse it. Can cause unintended havoc when you are editing the full track (i.e. when you have only the full track and not just the acapella to work with). Also, I’d say every kid over about seven knows exactly what the words are because we hear them so much on the radio. When you hear somebody say “aggin” on the radio, it’s not fooling anybody except maybe Walter Crunkite.

    Which, incidentally, is the point.

  5. Good show, man, but the opening skit’s a bit corny. As a pro-populist positive-politics white man and longtime hiphop head, I’m a more than a little tired of this white people are lame and racist line.

  6. I just downloaded the podcast today, so gimme a minute to listen. I gotta say that I laugh to keep from cryin’. A damn Catholic podcast man??!! Jonathan America must be behind this s**t! It’s all the same though…kinda like bein’ 2nd in American Idol. Nobody wants to win that shi**y contract no way. You’re better off gettin’ the deal under the table after they left you hangin’. .oO(maybe next year) That Afro Samurai sdtk. is nuts. Ur sleepin’ on the show Dex. It’s a shame it’s only 5 eps deep. I have that on my iPod too ;) I’ll be back after I listen to it…

  7. dexie. you’re still the shit. MATTIE.

    if you need therapie for your trauma. hit me.

  8. ss – well, you win some, you lose some. hope you’ll stick around for the next show, at least.

    Tray – haha. no worries – anything that supplies comedy, right? and really? only 5 eps? damn, I may just have time to catch up on this yet.

    oshoe – dank u, dank u. Ik ben niet droevig. GRAPJE GRAPJE.

  9. Check out Geto Boys – The Resurrection (if you haven’t already). Their whole catalogue is impressive from 1990 on down (imo), but Resurrection is one of my personal favorite albums of all time. Nice tape, btw. I’m feeling that Mac Dre.

  10. Great stuff Dex….wicked episode…lovin’ the Black Moon opening…

    Thanks for droppin the Digi track too…good to hear…it’s made me go and look some stuff out of my crates that hasn’t been played in a while, which is all good!

    Keep up the good work, man…

    From all the crew across the pond at bluntbeats.com

  11. no doubt man – yeah, that Black Moon was too good to pass up.I always worry about playing any Bobby Digital anywhere because people might think I jacked my name from him (I didn’t – a friend gave it to me a few years back and it just stuck).

    How’d that Wednesday joint go off? I wasn’t around my PC to tune in. Hope all’s well though.

  12. DJ names are a strange old thing, my man…most people I know got “christened” by someone else!

    Yeah, the Digi stuff is great (I plated some on Wednesdays show, actually)

    Alls good at Blunt HQ :)

  13. you coulda got away with that – i was about to chalk it up to bizzarro UK slang.

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