You could probably say that there is some sort of skewed-ass social consciousness theme in theme in here, find but no official concept this time. This is the Travis Episode, because my friend Travis is in the hospital and I want him to get healed up soon so we can continue partying. Stay strong, famo.

On to the episode.


Intro Beat: Beewirks – Make It Happen. This isn’t the first time dude has placed on a Mixtape Show intro. myspace.com/beewirks.

Sha Stimuli – The N Word. Two dollars says most of you didn’t realize what was going on until a few bars into the first verse. This is inevitably going to bring up controversy, which is brilliant. What do you all think of this one (the theme, I mean – musically it’s beyond dispute that dude has talent). As far as n-word alternatives, I’m a fan of the word “family” in all its iterations – famo, fam, etc – or “dude”, as anyone who reads this site often can probably surmise. “Brah”, however, is not okay unless you are an islander, period. myspace.com/shastimuli.

Duo Live – Caught Up (feat Talib Kweli). I coulda cut the outro short on this one, but it’s just too nice. This is my first time hearing of dudes, but apparently they are really on their grind nowadays. Sounds good to me. myspace.com/duolive.

M.I.A. – Paper Planes (remix feat Bun B and Rich Boy). All three of these artists should be on your “man hol up these people go hard” list. I gotta say, after Arular dropped I was a little mild on M.I.A (Piracy Funds Terrorism went way harder) but this last album is just the business. Then you add Bun B AND Rich Boy to the mix? Too much. Plus this is at once the catchiest and most violent hook in recent memory. I gotta do a post about M.I.A.’s show sometime soon. miauk.com.

Guru – Cuz I’m Jazzy (feat Slum Village). Well, the production on this cut doesn’t exactly belie the title. Apparently this was a very good week for music. Dig the synth violins in the chorus. gurusjazzmatazz.net.

Scienz Of Life – Build Wit Me (feat Baretta 9). John Robinson is one of the most positive people I know. This is an old 2001 cut from the ATL days, showing us all that you don’t need to go crazy with the drums because sometimes the sample just wants to be left alone. And what’s with the bonus beat outro? myspace.com/scienzoflife.

Nicolay and Kay – Stop My Way (feat Mic of The Legendary KO aka K-Otix). As seen before way back in Ep 16, Mic graces the B-side for the N&K concept project single. I wasn’t quite sold on this cut until that whistle synth came in – then it was game over. Great cut. Too bad I didn’t get hold of this one in time for the Love Episode. And the outro is some of the most ignorant shit I’ve heard in like two days. myspace.com/nicolay.

Outro Bonus Cut: Bomani – Read A Book Remix (feat Hueman Prophets) (snippet). If you wanna hear the full version, you’ll have to check Bomani’s myspace! I think most people remember the video and song from this, but not too many people actually know who is behind the song. This song is totally different from the original, but for some reason the end of the last version is really hilarious to me. I’ve got to admit that I haven’t read most of the books on these dudes’ lists. Somebody should make a dance to this song.

And we should start a Mixtape Show Book Club.

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 16 – the katrina edition

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 16 – the katrina edition

Remember those posts I made about a possible Katrina hip-hop podcast show? Well, drugs here it is, hospital on the most known unknown rap podcast series on the internets – episode #16, the Katrina Mixtape.

First up, some heat from 4-IZE. Dude used to be in a group with Luda back in ’91 called Loudmouth Hooligans. I aint heard of em till now but apparently he was on dude’s first couple releases. Something y’all prolly ain’t expected from one of my shows, but get the fuck used to it. Good track. Paranoid as fuck, but good. Look for more from him, but in the meantime see what’s up at 4ize.com..
4-IZE – Can’t Eat.

Hood Affiliates – Hurricane Katrina Song
I haven’t heard a name for this track other than the one provided here, but the joint is good. HA definitely bring it from a hood perspective, and remind you who’s really responsible for this shit. Don’t ever tell me that rappers don’t read the news. I haven’t heard much else from Hood Affiliates, but this joint here kinda makes me want to hear more. Anyone want to shoot a brother some mp3s? There’s a temporary site up at www.hoodaffiliates.com, hopefully they get on that soon.

What up internet nerds. All y’all done heard this, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good song. I saw this all over the web a long ass time ago, but some y’all maybe ain’t heard it, so here you go. Clever reference of Kanye’s own lyrics, you know, politics is on point, etc, etc. And the title is classic. Hit up their website, it’s more info down there. Try k-otix.com.
The Legendary K.O. – George Bush Don’t Like Black People

Somebody tell the boss he shouldn’t be the boss anymore. Yeah, it’s Mos. You know who that is, and if you don’t, well, I don’t know. Wikipedia or something. Hot track, and I never even liked that fucking Nolia Clap beat. I actually hated it, still do. But come on. He calls out Bono. Bono. This is a classic. mosdefinitely.com.
Mos Def – Katrina Klap.

Chuck D – Hell No, We Ain’t All Right
Yeah, Chuck D. This came out a while ago in poem form, acapella. So far to my knowledge he hasn’t done a song, but this is an excerpt from some stuff he said on a radio program a while ago. I just looped up a sample and presto. You really should have heard this already, but if you haven’t, make sure to pay attention.www.publicenemy.com.

Special shouts also go to Suburb, who produced the opening beat on this episode offa a sample I gave him, in like 15 minutes. Check him out and buy a beat!

That’s it for this episode, then. Be on the lookout for Grand Larceny Radio Volume 2 coming at you very soon. Also in the pipeline: other mixtape reviews, some brand new artists, an interview I already recorded and gotta postproduce, and fuck, a whole bunch of shit. All you indie label heads out there, get at me, we’re moving…

Oh, yeah. We got a sponsor. Motorola, in case you couldn’t guess. Shit, I gotta eat. Show some love, lemme know what y’all think… this was on the old network. but if motorola wants to fuck with us again, shit…

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