Dillagence – Radio Clean Edit

This one is for all my college / community radio family.

So a little while back, view my man JR put me up on the fact that someone had made a radio edit of the Mick Boogie + Busta Rhymes + J Dilla tape. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, advice you should listen to the Dillagence tape, viagra dosage here). I still do a little radio work myself, so I was happy to hear that the tape would be getting some more exposure.

After checking the edit, though, I realized that while it was pretty good, there were some pretty serious words that slipped through in the edit. I am – unfortunately – really really well versed in FCC indecency rulings, having met with pretty much the top lawyers in DC on the subject. And yes, your local Clear Channel affiliate may be able to write off a max $350,000 fine for a slipped “ass” here and there as a business expense, but a local underground station can’t.

So – building off of AJ’s mix, this one is more polished, and 100% radio friendly* for current US legal climate.

I also took the liberty of flip-editing the N-word. Not that the “nigga” or any of its variants are subject to FCC fines (let that sink in for a second), but I know a lot of DJs who’d prefer to not play it. “Bitch”, however, is intact.

So for all you young DJs looking for something to drop on your next weekly session, download this, burn it up, and push play.

Click here to download Dillagence – KUCR Clean Edits


1 ) Words From Ma Dukes
2 ) Dillagence (produced by DJ Spinna)
3 ) Takin What’s Mine
4 ) Step Up
5 ) The Conversation (f/ Talib Kweli)
6 ) Code of the Streets (f/ MOP)
7 ) Lightworks (f/ Q-Tip and Talib Kweli)
8 ) Baggage Handlers (f/ Raekwon)
9 ) How We Roll
10 ) Best That Ever Did It (f/ Rah Digga)
11 ) Psycho (f/ Cassidy and Papoose)
12 ) The Range (f/ Rah Digga)
13 ) Not Right Now
14 ) Other Side Of The Road
15 ) Who Tryin To Kill You
16 ) High
17) Dillagence Outro

And of course, if you aren’t in public radio, you don’t need this, so go grab the dirty version. New episode in the works kids.

*Not a guarantee. Preview and broadcast at your own risk.

4 thoughts on “Dillagence – Radio Clean Edit

  1. hahaha! This wasn’t for normal consumption – I’d just made this for a couple people and they asked that I post it up.

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