After what, stomach like a year of Earth time, the two adventurers from the 2100s are back with the future funk. In this installment, Dex Digital (wait, that’s not his real name?) and Brothertron are busy repairing their ship after getting half blown apart by space pirates. Everything is going well, if slowly, until all of a sudden the main computer starts, well…malfunctioning?

Note – this is a continuation of the Soultronica Saga series – if you missed Episode 5, you might wanna check that out.


Introlude -
Black Milk – Purple Track 6
Black Milk – Purple Track 8

A Leon – Spaced Out. Real talk, this track is a large part of what prompted this episode. I don’t really think there’s a whole lot that needs to be said about this cut. And just a reminder – for those of you who were in to myspace.com/aleoncraft

Co$$ – Khakis and Taylors. More ridiculous, random statements (“documenting the documentations?”) from someone you’ve heard here before. This one kinda just goes hard. m/paidthecoss.

Saroc – The First Mother. Production from Sol Messiah. I can’t really think of any other artists that could get away with running the same lyrics twice – but in this case, it’s more than worth the second runthrough. Everything I have heard from this woman has been dope. I got a little more Saroc on the way too…

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis
Louis Bordeaux – Say The Word Again Bitch (

Gil Scott-Heron – Angel Dust. Really, just bootlegged off of an old Sa-Ra mixtape.

Ta’Raach & Konphlict – 10 Feet High (Giraffe Pussy). I can’t even pretend that I understand this one. Stoned rappidy raps over triple time. m/taraach.

Afro-Mystik – Urban Euphoric. Off the Future Tropic record. I can’t really even recall why I have this joint, but it’s definitely very good. m/afromystik

Team Knoc – Swisher. Sirrealz is actually one of my favorite artists, even though I haven’t heard much from the dude lately. Team Knoc can be kinda hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit. m/officialteamknoc.

Biosphere – In Triple Time. I really recommend that you just get the full version of this and space out. m/biosphereofficial.

So. Yeah. Soultronica. Holler.

17 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 121 – SOULTRONCA 6 – MALFUNCTION

  1. HAHAHA First Comment!
    that’s why I listen to you Dex, you’re not afraid to play anything and everything as long as it sounds good!
    I like the sample on Aleon,
    and Co$$ i had to keep rewinding that and lunchin’
    “Shacked up with the Devil and a roomate from bachelors”?

    A Swishaaaahh!!
    Biosphere and Afro-mystic is perfect !Definately what black folks will be listening to as relaxation music in the future
    Can’t wait til Soultronica 7 you successfully mixed hip hop with sci fi radio drama!

  2. You found a legitimate way to sneak Aphex into a hip hop podcast. One more reason why Dex is a genius.

  3. Brer yeah man. That A-Leon cut is just too ridiculous. I really have no idea what is going to happen next episode…

    Sundar – haha! But yeah, I’d definitely be lying if I said I haven’t listened to an awful lot of Aphex.

    I’m realizing that I need to like put up a single post containing all of the soultronica series so that people with three hours to kill and no life interested parties can experience the magic from the first joint.

  4. Yeah man, had to go with the clean background, planning on actually writing some posts this time around so it’s gotta be clean.

    And on the video, yeah man, definitely! Although I gotta say recently I’m not in the mood for this stuff. Possibly because there’s too much boom bap stuff surrounding me at the moment, though.

  5. Yo fam, sick post. Yoooooo, I was feelin that Gil Scott-Heron track so much. I didn’t know how much a big deal that man was. All that trouble with cocaine though. Nonetheless, thanks for exposing my ignorance. But all in all, sickkk podcast as usual. Im still waitin to hear some Edan on the show, but I know you will amaze me like you always do ( no homo). Peace kid.

  6. Dang dex. That A Leon is where its at. I definitely feel that track. I definitely think of ATLiens when i hear it and its got that soul sample and everything. Gotta love it.

  7. Biosphere! I’m pleasantly surprised you listen to him. Check out Solar Fields of you want something similar but in my opinion better. I could probably give you a bunch of other random names you may life. Drop me an email if you want me to try ya.

  8. Dex,all Thank You. now i don’t need i want a str8 up mix…let’s get it in…once again Thank You…and the artist’s

  9. Thanks for the show, Dex. The Saroc track is great, a real eye opener – although the same lyrics twice has been done before; remember Tip’s rap on Sucka Nigga?
    But who is Saroc and where do we find more about her?

  10. Sjoerd – whoa, no idea why I missed your comment. True on the Tip’s rap though.

    On Saroc, though, she finally put up a myspace – myspace.com/sarocthemc.

    T – man, the ones I got were just handed to me by I think TK. There’s gotta be stuff floating around somewhere on google though?

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