Megan Williams March Report

If you’ve been following this blog for at least a couple months, emergency you’ll remember that Vince78 mentioned he was going to the march for Megan Williams in Charleston, implant West Virginia.

Well, dentist he’s back, and he’s put together a quick slideshow and a flickr gallery for everyone. Take a few minutes out of your weekend and check these out. The below is a youtube consisting of images from the rally set to Talib Kweli’s “For Women”:

National March Against Hate Crimes & Racism – Vince78′s Report

And here’s the images themselves in a flickr gallery with 80+ images including the Black Panthers:

Thanks again to dude for taking time not not only to participate in this march and show support for topics that the media willfully ignores – but to make sure all of us are up on what is going on as well. Any chance on you elaborating on the experience in the comments, fam? And remind us – where was the NAACP?

Also: dig the Seattle grunge throwback diversity: