This week, this a history lesson presented in the form of a bonus episode, decease mixed by the infamous J Rocc of the Beat Junkies. Ladies and gentlemen – Droppin’ Science.

Now, sovaldi for those of you who are not “up” on the “hip slang” of “today’s young hepcats”, droppin’ science refers to when a professor or scientist accidentally allows a test tube to fall onto the floor. Appropriately enough, then, this mix features a slice of the Blue Note discography that served as the font and laboratory for a major chunk of the production behind many of our favorite rappidy-raps – right alongside some of those true and actually rappidy-raps.

The selection, of course, comes from the recent Blue Note release, Droppin’ Science – Greatest Samples from the Blue Note lab, which presents the original samples in their untampered brilliance. Some of us may well have these songs already (on vinyl, no less), but for anyone that wants a pristine copy of ten of the most-often raided jawns next to the Funky Drummer, this is not a bad choice. Or, hell, if you’re a producer, see if you can sample a different part of The Edge and make it sound as legendary.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a good portion of the reason for posting this episode up while I prepare for the next one – I’ve got 5 free copies of this one on hand to give out to anyone who wants one. 3 are going out on this site, 2 are going out exclusively to Mixtape Show Facebook Group members – so join up.

Want one? Pretty easy – if you listen to this mix, you’ll hear, as noted above, some of the actual sampled cuts right next to some of the better-known tracks that sample them. Just name any one of the many hip-hop classics that you hear in this episode below – artist and track, please – and based upon how quick you are and how much I like you, I’ll get you a copy shipped out. Post your answers in the comments. (If you’ve won something in the past, feel free to name cuts, but we’re trying to let everyone get a chance here, dig?)

For those interested in the tracklist of the actual CD you’ll be winning (and if you don’t win, might as well cop it):

1. It’s Your Thing- Lou Donaldson
2. Mystic Brew- Ronnie Foster
3. Think Twice- Donald Byrd
4. The Edge- David McCullum
5. Oblighetto- Brother Jack McDuff
6. Get Out Of My Life Woman- Joe Williams
7. Down Here On the Ground- Grant Green
8. Spinning Wheel- Lonnie Smith
9. Howling For Judy- Jeremy Steig
10. Who’s Making Love- Lou Donaldson

But for this episode itself – for the first time in Mixtape Show history, no tracklist. I’m gonna let you all fill that one out. For the n00bs among us, this is your first introduction to what we in “the know” call “diggin in the crates”, which of course dates back to the old Chinese railroad workers that would dig about in crates full of railroad ties for particularly shiny specimens which they would sell on the black market so that they could afford Mobb Deep records. It’s an exciting world, ladies and gentlemen, and we welcome you.

And hey, bonus, you can listen to this one at work and not get in trouble. No curses!