In Volume 5 of Soultronica, capsule we find our bounty-hunting heroes, Dex Digital and Brothertron, cruising through the Beta Quadrant looking to get paid. Just as Dex gets word about a mysteriously high bounty posted on the perpetrators of a mysterious crime (who gets all bent out of shape over an old WWIII artifact being stolen?), Brothertron notices the same bandits zooming by their ship. Incredulous at their luck, the two give chase.

All is not as it seems, though – it appears that these space pirates have some pretty advanced (and illegal) technology in their little 12-Series beater. What will happen when our brave duo finally encounters the space pirates? Will they get their bounty? Where did the space pirates get that cloaking device? What the hell is a “Guh-Unitay”, and why do the pirates – and the Intergalactic Corporation – want it so bad? Find out in this installment of the Soultronica Series.

PS – Yes, this is a continuation of the soultronica storyline. If you’re new, you might want to start from the beginning.


intro: Josh Ivey: Record Take 62. The opener theme song for our heroes. Josh has been in the lab recently working on some new tracks, but I haven’t heard any of them yet, hint hint.

intro 2: DJ Mehdi – I Am Somebody (DJ Paris Version). The joint goes hard, what can I say? djmedhi.

Special thanks to S. Kim for extra voice talent (S-Kim the bounty TV news reporter)!

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Remix vs MSTRKRFT Remix). I know that TK already dropped the original of this one back in The New Soul Vol 3 (which you really need to check, by the way), but this first version just goes too hard not to put you all up on. Then we’ve got the re-edit soundclash with the MSTRKRFT version, which doesn’t bang as hard, but the reinterpretation on the synth lines is bad. myspace.com/etjusticepourtous, myspace.com/mstrkrft.

Neptunes + Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. I guess you could call this a remix, but it’s a bit too different to my ears. This circulated a long time ago (yes, Kanye was late to the game), and I just now rediscovered it. Whether you dig their stuff or not (and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t), people like P and Timbo really drive a fair bit of this new sound – as do Daft Punk. myspace.com/pharrell

digilude (searching for the space pirates): JR Don – Yobma. myspace.com/ghosteo.

Styles P – The Hardest ft AZ. Don’t forget that Soultronica has a lot of its roots in straightforward hip-hop as well. This cut could have worked easily as some standard boom-bap NY steez, but the futuristic synths just put this one on some galactic shit. myspace.com/stylesp.

Ty - Mpho’s Lament. 8 seconds. Yep. Important, though.myspace.com/tyandupwards.

Scienz of Life – Ginsu (Bronx River mix). Got this from John Robinson not too long, and immediately asked to put this one on the show. Took me a second to get to it, but I think it was worth the wait. The original mix is cool, but this futuristic one is just next level for me. myspace.com/scienzoflife.

digilude (battle): Biomass - Auxiumantia. Brilliant ambient producer from my own neck of the woods. If you ever see a flyer with the name “Biomass” on it, go, go, go. Dude brings his own television monitors. myspace.com/biomass.

Ladybug Mecca – Sweet and Polite. I have to admit, it took me a couple listens to really appreciate this one. As you might be able to tell, this one was produced by Sa-Ra. Sometimes I forget how good Ladybug Mecca really is – and the combo of her with the bizarre production of Sa-Ra is just too much. Somebody should tell them to do more collabos. The helium synth at the end is just bananas, by the way. myspace.com/ladybugmecca.

That’s what it is for this week. And yes, there is a whole storyline and universe behind this saga. You do not want to miss what happens next.

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I have been wanting to do this for so long.

Yes, help this is what some might call, mind in homage to the late DJ Screw, mind a Screw Tape. I’m fully aware that this is an acquired taste for many, but this is my show and I acquired that taste a few summers ago so you are going to listen to this and like it. On this show, which was bootlegged off of KSKR 88.9FM this summer, DJ Propane Pip of Man Hol’ Up Radio takes over the wheels of steel and takes us on a ride through Passmore, Texas.

DJ DMD – 25 Lighters feat Lil Keke and Fat Pat. Man hol’ up. I will fully admit to being late on this and first hearing it on Sweeney’s site – but I had to get the official Chopped and Screwed remix by DJ Michael 5000 Watts. The video is just as cool. Hell if I understood what was going on though. myspace.com/djdmd

Flippa Boys – Cool As A Ceiling Fan (DJ Slice Remix). Yes, as in the DJ Slice that is the official DJ for Mike Jones. I think I had this joint like the first month I was in China and I was just jamming on this one constantly, probably mainly because the title is pretty hilarious. Slice does cut this one up properly. myspace.com/flippaboyz

Spank Rock – Outro (Screwville USA). Unless there’s some part of their oeuvre I’ve missed (and I don’t think I’ve missed much of it), this is the only time you’ll be hearing Spank Rock on this show. This was seriously the only track I really liked on their YoYoYoYoYo release – but that seems to put me in the minority because damn near everybody went ape over them. Some of their remixes are good though. myspace.com/spankrock

Suburb + Donwill – A Funeral March. You asked for it – here’s some more. Notice that I didn’t do a thing to this song – it came like this. As would be expected from the duo, the song is wildly different from everything else, and it’s good. suburb, and donwill.

T. Waters
– Tears (DJ Slice Remix).
Yet another Sliced and Screwed (his words!) remix. This is another one of those songs that just sounds better slowed up. myspace.com/twaterssosodef.

Floetry – Say Yes (Propane Pip Slowed and Slopped Remix). What can I say? Propane Pip ain’t no 5000 Watts, and this probably never should have been done, but hey. It’s the Mixtape Show. *ducks* myspace.com/floetry.

You know what to do.

Video Podcast 1 – Blu, Exile, and Kimchi

So I’m trying to get this ball rolling. Call this the beta episode. Hella unprofessional, dentist but that’s what I do.

Intro filmed at the Korean Festival in K-Town in Los Angeles. The featured music video here is Blu and Exile with Soul Amazing. (And yes, you have heard Blu here before). Some of you may have caught this one – well, here it is in a tiny bit better quality (and you can download it). The original file (download it here) is much higher quality.

The player above is pretty hot though – you can fullscreen it, share it on your own site/myspace, etc – check it out.

Thanks to Jon for hooking this one up. You can also check a recent interview with him here.

Coming soon – capability to subscribe to the video show just like you do the audio show.

In the meantime, if there are any requests, ideas, comments, whatev – holler at a baller. Likewise if you have your own video/remix/etc.