Thought I told you it was on again.

First and foremost, viagra order thank you to everyone for sticking around. I know it’s been a minute. I’ll try to explain more later, disease but for now, the episode:

This is a sidebar to the Soultronica Saga (which, yes, is still in the works…slowly, but in the works). I set the spaceship aside for a moment and we take a look at an alternate future of rap, jungle, and reggae music: Dubstep.

Let’s get right into the music:

The Tracklist.

intro: DZ – Strong On Ya.

Loefah – It’s Yours. Well, might as well ease you all into it, right? Rough track. See if you can remember where this sample came from. myspace.com/loefah.

Jay Electronica and Zed Bias – The Cauldron. From a BBC Benji B session, I think. This one I’ve got to say I did not see coming. I’m not exactly sure what the story is behind this one, but think about it – how many US rappers are willing to even consider jumping on a grime/dubstep/categorizemeplease track? Exactly. I think Zed produced this. I think. Courtesy of Sweeney Kovar. myspace.com/zedbias.

The Bug – Skeng feat Killa P and Flow Dan. If you are wondering where the dub and reggae influence I was talking about comes in, listen to this. I remember the first time I heard this in that crazy art studio basement club that Pure Filth used to occupy. Absolutely bananas. I liked this one so much I used to refuse to listen to it unless it was on a real system. The lyrics, though – they are completely over-the-top ridiculous. Seriously. myspace.com/thebuguk.

Rusko – William H Tonkers. Remember me saying that you need a good set of headphones for this one? Exhibit B right here, kids (A was the last one). Dig the synth programming on this one. ruskonfire.

Nebulla and DJ Dore – Poppin (Dirtystep Remix) feat T.I. I can’t say that I like this one better than the original, but it definitely goes kinda hard. The basswork on this one ain’t bad at all. myspace.com/djnebulla, myspace.com/djdore.

Loefah: Voodoo (666) / Lord Finesse: Check the Method (DJ Premier Scratch Mix). If you just couldn’t get into anything else on this ep, wait until this one. This may well be my favorite song on this episode (which is saying a lot considering my feelings towards The Bug). Ripped from the briliant Dubstep Sufferah Volume 3, which is highly recommended if you liked this one. grievousangel.com.

Moody Boys – Honey Remix feat Erykah Badu. I take back what I said on the last one – if you can’t get into the other cuts, check this one. Seven minute, dubbed-out workout of one of the best new soul singles in recent memory. Brilliant. I think Mamiko likes this one. myspace.com/themoodyboyz.

Pre-emptive shouts to Pure Filth for throwing some of the most inspiring jams I’ve ever had the privilege to attend.

And those who know me personally know that I don’t take statements like that lightly.

So yeah – while I’m certainly no dubstep expert, I know enough to know that I like this stuff. What do you think?



It’s been a minute since I’ve really concentrated on the independent artists that really make this show stand out from any other bullshit show. While it would be pretty easy for me to just play old classics or guaranteed sellers, therapy nothing ever really progresses without the new, page underground artists.

So this episode is 100% devoted (minus the intro cut, prostate obviously) to giving some shine to the independent artists without a major record/distribution deal, without a bunch of squares telling them how to sell records in the college market. Just a bunch of talented young brothers and sisters with talent, an MPC, and a myspace.

This show and community was built on the strength of real artists who have supported the show since day one. This episode is just a small thank you.

Big Shug – Play It (prod DJ Premier). The video for this cut is actually pretty good. Basically Shug sits around in gym shorts and looks at the camera with puppydog eyes and asks you to play more records. Okay that didn’t sound so great but really – it’s a simple, yet good video. The track is just a given, and partially helped remind me that I needed to do a show like this. myspace.com/gangstarrfoundation.

Interlude – Dex Digital, CEO of the Mixtape Show Corporation in 2016 vs Propane Pip (and his conscience). Beat by Alf-Alpha.

Gif – Oh Love. I am not sure where the name came from, but Gif’s cut is good. I can’t even remember when he got this one to me – months and months ago – but I’ve been meaning to drop it for a miiinute. Postproductionwise the song needs work – the levels are way too hot – but the feeling is definitely there. myspace.com/dagif.

Binary Star – Conquistadors. This group no longer exists (or at least I don’t think it does), but this is back from their Waterworld days. I remember the first time I met this dude named White Boy (not the rapper, but this kid who actually preferred that we all refer to him as White Boy, or WB – like the TV network). He had on a set of headphones, so I asked him casually what he was listening to. “Binary Star. You should check them out, man.” Which ended up being pretty good advice. This record didn’t really age so well, but you can see the duo really pushing to find their own sound on this cut. And come on. Chuck Mangione beatflip? I’m there. myspace.com/onebelo (one half of the former BS).

Rashid Hadee – You Can’t Hide feat Augustine. I don’t even remember where I got this one from. Production values on this one are a little higher than the previous cuts, and really the cadences are kinda Little Brother-esque, or maybe even a little reminiscent of certain artists on the Loud Minority roster. I can’t even remember who e-mailed me this song – whoever it was – thank you. myspace.com/rashidhadee.

Specifics – This Is Why. Specifics is one of the few groups I can name that just has consistently good material. The MC is constantly just this side of weird, and the jazz loops are solid, and never give you that “okay another lame throwback” feel. I really wanted to drop “My Tunes” in here, but couldn’t get it in time. Maybe I’ll get it in the future. It looks like Specifics has an album dropping in the near future in Japan – if you live out there, you might want to get in on this. myspace.com/specifics

Trew – Lyrics To Go feat Mic Source. Has this sample been flipped before? Yes? Do I care? Not if the rhymes are this good. myspace.com/trewdat.

K.Sparks – Ghetto Child feat Tina Quallo. This one, along with the last one, hit my inbox not more than a few weeks ago. Really, this song just works – if I find myself putting a joint on repeat when it’s still in the gmail account, it’s in. This is one of those cuts. Make sure to check out the blog of the Hoodgrown record label – I’ve never seen so much transparency in a record label before. If you are looking for a perspective on how weird the music business can get for an independent label – check this out. myspace.com/k.sparks.

Outro beat – Alkota.

So that’s it for this week – as always, stay in tune for new developments – got a few things coming down the pipeline.



Man, prescription y’all already know what this is. Best, hepatitis and longest-running independent rap/hip-hop podcast ever. Episode 21, cop the download and read along!

Leading off this episode is Blaq Poet, who might be best known (?) for his bars in Screwball‘s “F.A.Y.B.A.N.”, a song that I have more than once really fucking wanted to play in its entirety on the radio and dedicate to various B.A.N.s in my life. Incidentally that track was apparently his first collabo with the world-reknowned DJ Premier, who returns to bless this joint with one of his signature minimalist beats. Speaking of the “N” in “F.A.Y.B.A.N.”, why does this francois dude prefer the redneck spelling of the “N” word? That’s not really a good look to me. But the song is good, so check it.. Get at Blaq Poet at yearroundrecords.com..
Blaq Poet – We Gonna Ill.

Milano – Hope You’re Listening
I hope you’re listening to this fucking podcast right now, is what I hope, for your sake. Milano comes through over some rather sick strings and drum programming courtesy of Showbiz. You will like this song. Check out his label at www.beatdownrecordings.com.

Ike fucking Eyes is up on this shit with some majestic horns on the Scram Jones production; and combined with Ike’s typical swagger this made it one of my favorites on his mixtape – so you know I had to get it in here. I’ll be the first to admit I’d been sleeping on dude, but he’s been around. Put it this way – if you’ve heard a Purple City mixtape, you’ve heard his voice. Once we get some time I’m gonna have to hammer out an interview with him and get yall a little perspective, rriiiiiight? “pat myself on the shoulder, good job ike!” Classic. ghettorockstarinc.com..
Ike Eyes – Prince of Kings County.

Respect f/ Smif n Wessun – Crabz
I hope to Allah that some of these names are ringing a fucking bell for you by now. Smif n Wessun grace Respect‘s latest single, which although it may bring up bad memories of what you got from messing around with that boy down the hall during your freshman year of college, is actually aimed at people trying to hate, perpetrate, and otherwise hold you down. You know, like crabs in a bucket. Jokes aside, track is hot…www.beatdownrecordings.com.

What? Wait, is this actually hip-hop, where’s the misogyny? Yes, kids, this is pretty much a fucking love song, and you’re going to sit down and enjoy it. Cesar and Edgar Allen Floe, whose name reminds me that I’m supposed to be typing an English paper up right now, wax romantic on this one. The beat was pretty much what got this one the thumbs up for inclusion into the show. Play this one for your SO before you go out to cheat on her at some club.cesarcomanche.8m.com..
Cesar Comanche feat Edgar Allen Floe – I Miss You.

Longshot feat Jah Safe & Romello Hill- Quitters Anthem
Wait, wouldn’t this song have gone better after “Crabz”? Yes, but I’m purposefully fucking with your mind. Next thing you know I’ll be posting Gwen Stefani songs (I’m actually partially kidding). Seriously though, I’ve been pretty fucking impressed with Longshot’s album, enough so that I’m closing this episode with the closer on his album. If you don’t have it yet, go cop it – and if you aren’t convinced yet, wait for the interview – coming soon.www.evproductions.net.

Special thanks to Chester Copperpot, Ike Eyes, all them boys and girls down at Foundation Media, and all those who support! Stay the fuck tuned!

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