Hitachi is on some bullshit

Now, store if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on on in the scene recently, mind you’ll remember that whole Scion / Bavu Blakes debacle, as covered by matt of houstonsorilllll and yours truly on the best hip-hop podcast site known to woman. But don’t think even for a minute that Scion is the ony coporate entity that is investing heavily in our (hip-hop, urban, Black, -of color, what have you) culture. Oh, no. There are many others, enough so that I might even have to start a series of commentary. Trust me.

With that then, I present the following: Stay the fuck out of my business, HITACHI.

So I was cruising some nerd site or other one day, and I see this link that says something about hard drives being the “new bling”. Even though I had recently listened to that Paul Wall song that talks about trying to pimp out honeys on blackplanet, this made zero sense to me. So I’m directed to this site, which is where the agony begins.
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