Hell yeah. It’s summer, therapist and you know what that means: pool parties, approved less clothing, see and college rap music. There is definitely a Los Angeles sound within the college rap/backpacker rap subgenre – if you’re into categorization – and this show is all about that. Perfect, fun summer music – download this one, grab the chucks and dickies, and bump it.

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Giant Panda – One Time. I remember being really excited about this release when I got it a couple years back, and for good reason – it’s hot. I actually was supposed to catch them at a quasi-legal show under a bridge in some weird back alley somewhere in LA, but there was sound trouble and one of the neighbors snitched, so the promoters moved it to a club and what do you know, I was all like 19 and stuff and it was 21+. So I went home. Dope record though. myspace.com/giantpanda.

Oh – did I mention that a summer episode went down last year, too? Check it out here.

Aesthetics Crew – LA Opinion. LUKE SON WHAT IT IS. I met Luke, one of the members of AC back what, two years ago?, and he told me that he was in this rap group called Aesthetics. He never let me hear any of it, but I kept hearing about them, and seeing stickers on freeway onramps. Like 1.5 years later, dude decides to send me a couple LPs and the CDs and what do you know, it’s nice. Last I heard they were working on some new material. Look for it in like 2015. myspace.com/aestheticscrew.

Shout outs and respect, by the way, to Nasty Nes.

People Under The Stairs – Eat Street. Even if you don’t like rap music, this pretty much lays some of the more infamous food joints in the LA, on some tourguide status. The Roscoe’s was an obvious, but I must say I prefer their waffles. Gus Jr also gets the stamp of approval. I actually interviewed Thes One of PUTS a loooong time ago on this very hip hop podcast – check it here. myspace.com/peopleunderthestairs.com.

Crown City Rockers – B-Boy Remix (feat Planet Asia, Zion I, The Grouch, Chali 2na, and Mystic). In a scene full of me-too groups that are trying to do this whole live instrumental hip-hop thing, Crown City Rockers stand out as one of the few groups that take it beyond gimmicks and really put some soul into the art form. Plus they’re nice people. I first met them at a show we threw at UCR back when I was still doing that stuff, and they basically did the damn thing. And all you producers should definitely take a look at their site, where they’ve uploaded all of the acapellas for Earthtones – for free. Shouts to Rashad and everyone at Basement for getting this one to me. crowncityrockers.com.

intro cut: Sunny Outside (In LA…) by Voice.
outro beat: Soul Slam by Alf-Alpha.

So that’s this week’s show. Hella busy around here – don’t forget about the video podcast! Artists, VJs, whatever – holler at me, and everyone else – let me know what you want to see on the show!