MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 10 – Keepin it real in Berkeley

ayyo, medic what it do? you arrready know what it is, it’s your favorite hip-hop mixtape podcast on the internets, the mixtape show.

So yeah, this week’s theme is keeping it real, or if you prefer, keeping it fucking hood. Right now I’m in Berkeley, and I’ve been scrambling trying to handle this damn podcast shit.

Anyway, it’s episode 10, and believe it or not, even though I am out of the studio, have no CDJs or turntables, and have to record this on a $4 mic I stole from a kindergartener (sorry Bobby), I think it might be one of my favorites thus far. Check the tracklist…
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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 9 – Akir interview

(click the image to check the show…)
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how do I listen to the show?

Damn, we been on this interview ish for a minute now. Next show is a music joint, promise.

This week on the best hip-hop mixtape podcast on the internets, we got The Source‘s Unsigned Hype alumni Akir. Dude has been making serious moves for a minute now, and I finally caught up to him for an interview. He’s dodging buses or some shit while we talk via celly so the audio’s a bit hectic, but Akir still drops some serious shit about his artistic philosophy, the international market, the state of hip-hop in the US, and what it’s like doing shows at the historically non-rap-oriented Vans Warped Tour.

akir pic
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RZA speaks at Commonwealth Club

Edit – At the request of some wu-tang corp forum members, sick I’ve converted the interview and added it to the site. click read title:’RZA SPEAKS AT COMMONWEALTH CLUB’,link:’http://www.mixtapeshow.net’,id:’12345′,image:’http://mixtapeshow.net/wp-content/old/wucvr.rza.jpg’});openPlay(119);”>here to listen.

I really haven’t got a lot to say about this. Via lyrical swords, I caught this link to a 1 hour, 8 minute guest appearance by The Abbott himself at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. It ain’t exactly your fav hip-hop podcast here, but it’s recommended by your boy, so I suggest that everyone sit down and take a good listen to this.
(click image to listen!)

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MIXTAPE SHOW 8 – chester copperpot interview part 2

MIXTAPE SHOW 8 – chester copperpot interview part 2

Well, visit this site here it is folks – the long-awaited second half of the interview (check the first half here) with Chester Copperpot, on the only hip-hop podcast y’all need to even be bothering with. This time around, Chess explains why he keeps working with people from the UK, why there are those weird phone messages on his album, why he had to sell his MPC to make rent, and why he hates myspace.
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