MIXTAPE SHOW 39 – Thes One Interview

MIXTAPE SHOW 39 – Thes One Interview

Happy goddamn memorial day. Maybe this year they’ll remember to stop sending motherfuckers to go die in the desert.

This week, viagra as promised back in episode #37 (seriously, and go check that one or you’re missing out), physiotherapy I’ve got an exclusive (exclusive!!!) interview with Thes One of People Under The Stairs. Basically the interview speaks for itself, but you can expect to hear Thes breaking it down on the new album, his approach to beatmaking on Stepfather, how ridiculous all them punk-ass kids running round calling themselves CEOs and A&Rs really are, and what he thinks about bootlegging.
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All fucking right then. This week we’re getting into some more diverse shit. Check the tracklist, infection and download this shit. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show.

Dwele feat. Che Grand – Lady In Red. This joint is off of the “A Sensual Evening With Che Grand” mixtape. I don’t necessarily want a sensual evening with dude, but the music is generally pretty hot – this should give you an idea of what an indie label is actually capable of. I’d highly recommend copping the whole mixtape, if for no reason other than to hear the skits in between the tracks. Shit is off the wall. loudminoritymusic.com

feat. J. Dilla – Thrilla. Oh, how cute – the producer and the track rhyme! Speaking of rhymes, the recently departed genius fucking smashes the first verse of this shit. Body bling like C-3P0?!? ohhhhhhh shit. The man will be missed. Shouts to Jon and everyone else at Sound In Color for giving your boy free reign on this shit. soundincolor.com

Sa-Ra – Big Fame. Okay, I know I made a comment in the show that could be taken the wrong way. Don’t get it twisted – I mean “bootleg” in the best sense of the word. I’m not sure if their record is going to be like this, but the sampler is absolutely off the fucking wall with the skits. Dear Sa-Ra: please do more of that shit. Since when does having a cookout equal “being productive”? All of you can hate all you like, but if Sa-Ra isn’t a part of this new space funk black music shit, then I’m caucasian. soundincolor.com

The Jones Girls feat. Che Grand – Nights Over Egypt. Yes, once again, an unauthorized remix off of the Sensual Evening mixtape. This should show all of you random-ass kids rapping over dead Dre beats over and over again something – namely, that anybody can do that shit. If you can rap over that electro groove shit, you have my respect, and possibly a coveted spot on the hottest rap podcast in the history of womankind. Che is a weird dude, but you can’t deny the talent. Dude rips this joint gently, if that’s possible. Fuck it, just listen. loudminoritymusic.com

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Drunk Game. As I said in the show, this track really blurs the line between genius and insanity – which pretty much sums up the majority of the dude’s oeuvre. I have no idea who produced this – it could be RZA, or it could be one of those Casio joints that play when you push the red “demo” button. If you actually forget for a moment that it’s Unique Ason singing, you’ll notice that the man actually kinda sons about 80% of R&B singers out there. Which is good!!! which is good…. wutangcorp.com

Tanya Morgan
– She Moved Outta Cincy. No, I haven’t revoked my strict “no female emcees” policy* (seriously, what the fuck is up with the ladies?! The second one of y’all hit me with some heat, I’ll put you on) – Tanya Morgan is actually three dudes that are labelmates of Mr. Che Grand. You might recognize Von Pea’s voice from a couple episodes ago. Is it just me, or is Loud Minority’s catalog full of joints about really horrible shit happening? Well, either way – TM is supposedly hot. If anyone wants more, I’ll see what I can do… loudminoritymusic.com

Damn, I managed to keep it short this week. Feel free to pass the information on, and be watching for the People Under The Stairs interview prolly next week. We all love hip-hop podcasts.

*No, really. For some reason the females have been slacking on me recently. Ladies please step your game up, thanks.



I don’t think I need to say much about this episode. Happy mothers day to all of you, ask and hopefully at least one or two of you out there become mothers while listening to this episode.
Intro beat – Hold It Sucka by Alf-Alpha. Hot joint. Be on the lookout for more of his material on the upcoming beattape episode. You can hear the full version of this beat on his myspace.People Under The Stairs – Pass the 40. Off their new album, Stepfather. I slept on this record when it came in for a good week and a half, until the dude John told me to actually listen to it. The whole album is full of good tracks (add this to your pool party soundtrack, trust me), but in the end I just had to go with this one, if for no other reason than because there’s a sample of a kid asking to get a swig of the Mickey’s. Check them out at putsonline.co.uk.

PUTS fans take notice – we’ll be having an exclusive (exclusive! newshit newshit newshit) interview with Thes One of People Under the Stairs next week. Any questions you want asked, feel free to get at me with them in the comments section.

Click “more” to see the rest of this week’s playlist and show info.
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MIXTAPE EPISODE 36 – CL Smooth Mixtape

MIXTAPE EPISODE 36 – CL Smooth Mixtape

First things first, symptoms shouts to JR at shamanwork* for hooking me (and thus you all) up with this mixtape for this week’s hip-hop podcast.

So in case all y’all forgot about CL Smooth, stomatology here’s the re-introduction. Apparently dude is going to be dropping an album in the near future, and to give people a preview, he’s released a promo-only, all-freestyle mixtape. In classic mixtapeshow.net shameless bootlegging postmodernly artistical fashion, I’m bringing you the whole goddamn CD, including the bonus remix of Impossible. Check the playlist:

The CL Smooth Man on Fire Mixtape: The Freestyle Sessions (w/ J. Period, presented by Truelements and Blackheart Ent.)
Intro/Man on Fire Freestyle
Metamorphosis Freestyle
Get Down Freestyle
Top of My Game Freestyle
The Base/New York Freestyle
Listen Up Freestyle – sunshiiiiine…damn i’m ready for summer.
Runnin Freestyle – again, RIP Dilla.
Electric Relax Freestyle
Ill Bomb Freestyle
Hate It or Love It Freestyle – oh, come on, you liked this one too.
The Potion Freestyle
Blown Freestyle
Win Or Lose Freestyle
Indian Flute Freestyle
It’s On Freestyle
Guess Who’s Back Freestyle
Travelin Man Freestyle
Bonus: Impossible (J. Period Remix)
Elements of an MC
Again, this is the whole CD – normally I’d cut a few joints out on account of my not being a major major fan of such and such a beat, but please, where else are you gonna get this shit but from your boy?

Overall, this is some shit to rock in your iPod/CD Player/tape deck/whatever. And once again, respect to the people who got you this shit – JR, J Period, and the man hisself, CL Smooth. Feel free to pass this around, link it up, blah blah. For more info on the project though, hit up www.shamanwork.com.
Next week: the beattape episode, aka the all instrumental episode. If you’re looking to get on board with some of these heavyweight-ass producers you’ve been seeing pop up here and there on the mixtape show, you best get your beats in quick snap.

Still on deck: the all-south episode, and some other bonus round level shit. If you got anything you think is up to par, holler…

oh, by the way – here’s the cover art (click to enlarge).

* not shamanworks, which I somehow kept saying. my bad. shamanwork, singular.