For this week’s edition of the world’s most famous and revered hip-hop podcast, contagion I bring you an interview with Mixtape Show alumni, Tommy Danger. Tommy has his hustle going on two angles – one, as a solo artist, and the other as the host of the apparently wildly popular DangerVision television show on MNN in Harlem.

This is definitely one of the stranger interviews I’ve done here. Tommy is probably one of the only people I’ve met that talks more dumb shit than I do. I’d say about a good 30% of this interview I am just keeping my mouth shut for fear of anybody associating the shit coming out of Tom’s mouth with my own mindset. And then dude calls me out for not liking his music, which is often true. We don’t do “traditional” on the Mixtape Show podcast, and this show is no exception.
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I don’t think I need to say much about this episode. Happy mothers day to all of you, ask and hopefully at least one or two of you out there become mothers while listening to this episode.
Intro beat – Hold It Sucka by Alf-Alpha. Hot joint. Be on the lookout for more of his material on the upcoming beattape episode. You can hear the full version of this beat on his myspace.People Under The Stairs – Pass the 40. Off their new album, Stepfather. I slept on this record when it came in for a good week and a half, until the dude John told me to actually listen to it. The whole album is full of good tracks (add this to your pool party soundtrack, trust me), but in the end I just had to go with this one, if for no other reason than because there’s a sample of a kid asking to get a swig of the Mickey’s. Check them out at putsonline.co.uk.

PUTS fans take notice – we’ll be having an exclusive (exclusive! newshit newshit newshit) interview with Thes One of People Under the Stairs next week. Any questions you want asked, feel free to get at me with them in the comments section.

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Now, hospital the show has been out for a minute, and a lot of people seem to be wondering why I don’t show white people any love on the show. I mean, for every ten black rappers I put on the show, there’s like one white rapper. Where’s the equality? I thought racism was over, since, like 1965 and shit, right?So, in my attempt to make peace with my caucasoid brothers and sisters, and show that I really do appreciate all of you non-melanin-having kids supporting the show, I have decided to dedicate an entire show to you. Never let it be said that the Mixtape Show hates white people, because at the Mixtape Show Hip-Hop Podcast, Whitey Is Alrightey ™.

Anyway, this week, it’s all about the Beastie Boys, since, as everyone knows, they (and Eminem) are the only rap artists that ever get any play on alt-rock stations.

All joking aside, it seems the the Beastie Boys themselves have made a bunch of their acapellas freely available on their site, and an entire community of people has gone wild on that shit and is churning out remixes like there’s no tomorrow. This is but a small sample of that collective ouvre.
Strictly for my C.A.U.C.A.S.I.A.N.Z.

Obviously, the following songs are all originally Beastie Boys joints, unless otherwise noted.

DJ BC – MotherNaturesRump. I think this surfaced just after the Grey Album, which, incidentally, made me appreciate Jay a little bit more than I think I had been originally, because a lot of the production on the Black Album was pretty forgettable. Anyway, I think I remember BC’s Beastles project getting some fame on the internets, and for pretty good reason – it’s actually pretty good. Check out the mashups section on djbc.net.

Taco Zip – Intergalactic. Intergalactic is probably the most recent Beastie Boys joint that I can stomach. I mean, seriously. The last album, whatever it was called? 5 Boroughs? Pretty terrible in general. Intergalactic was the fucking joint for a full week and a half when I was in middle school though. Took me 5 years to realize that that robot voice was saying “Intergalactic Planetary”. I always thought it was just mumbling robot talk. Back to the remix, though, Taco Zip (no comment on the name) does pretty well with maintaining the feel of the original while still adding a whole bunch of nice shit in the background. Sirens? Nice touch. Check out more of this shit at beastieboysremixes.com.

Joakizmo - Intergalactic. Hear that part in the mix where everything starts to get sort of weird? Yeah, that’s where I faded in J’s mix. I would have let the shit run longer, but a) the vocal mix is a bit off and b) it’s a bit fucking scary. Whatever dude did to this joint, I like it. Totally changed the whole vibe of the song. Check his site here.

Random radio mix. I don’t remember where I found this, but this is another Shake Your Rump remix with some of them beats you all remember from middle school. Green Lantern? I forgot.

Joakizmo - Root Down. I think this track right here was actually what inspired me to do a Beastie Boys remix episode. I don’t remember the original, but you can’t deny the talent on this remix. Joakizmo is obviously pretty talented. He’s got a bunch of other Beastie Boys remixes on his site – you should check them out maybe.

Mobley - So Watcha Want. You remember the days. 1997. Seventh grade. And for a few brief, glorious months, it was all about Fatboy Motherfucking Slim and the Rockafeller Skank. I swear to god, I have never seen anything with the power to make sweaty white girls go absolutely fucking apeshit as that song, aside from maybe crystal meth, but of course that came much later. Either way, this song is quite obviously channeling Mr. Cook, and in a good way. From what I remember from Mobley’s description, this was made forever ago on a bunch of assorted studio equipment. All the must-have big beat shit is there – bongo samples, beat juggles, squelching synth lines. This one stayed in the mp3 player for a while, trust me. And come on, they call me dex digital. You think I don’t fuck with electronic? Pay attention. I ain’t got a site for you mobley…get at me!

Tommy Danger - Strawberry Fields. Unless I’m mistaken, the sample is a Beatles one – which brings us full circle. See how it all comes together? I’m so fucking clever. Anyway, definite shoutouts go to Tommy Danger for supporting the Mixtape Show. Dude’s got his own show out in Harlem, and has at least one video out, and trust me, it’s fucking ridiculous. Dude definitely has his own style to it. www.tommydanger.net.
Yeah, so that’s it for this episode. Tell your friends – and if this wasn’t your flavor, just wait until next week.

Oh yeah – the beat is Ray Cash f/ Scarface - Bumpin’ My Music. FYI.