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Because real talk, buy viagra Santa Claus does give more presents to rich kids than poor kids. I’ll be spending my giftmas day back in the hood delivering toys and food. If you can do something to bring people up this season, please do so.

In the meantime, feel free to bump this in the ride.


[Intro beat] Meanest Man Contest – Don’t Die on Christmas. I used to play a lot of MMC on the radio when I first started out. I’m not sure who would win a Meanest Man Contest. myspace.com/meanestmancontest

Big Gen and Snipe – This Christmas ft Birmingham J and Mr Mal. This is pretty much the first I’ve heard of dudes. The song is marginally cheesy (I mean, it’s a Christmas song), but it brings to mind the fact that there’s really a very fine line between songs about giving people gifts and songs about giving people drugs. I dig this cut though. myspace.com/biggensnipe

69 Boyz – What You Want For Christmas. What can I possibly even add to this song? Make sure your bass is turned up.

(Digilude): Hally – Xmas Songs Plastic Sputnik Arcade Punk Remix (snippet). And in the suburbs, Mummy and Daddy wake up Brad Jr. What will little Brad Jr. get this year? A lump of coal? A hard-learned lesson in the gritty reality of living in the streets? Or maybe that new nintendo…8bitpeoples for the full cut.

Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Bad Azz, Daz and Tray Dee – Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto. You might not expect this given the list of artists in the credits, but this may well be the most positive song in this episode.

Master Slash Slave – All I Want for Xmas (Is To Get The Band Back Together) (snippet). Apparently this song was written in like 5 takes and 53 minutes of bizarre indiekid desperation. You should visit the myspace just to look at the ridiculous pictures. If Postal Service did more drugs and had cheaper equipment, maybe they could sound as good as these kids. myspace.com/master1slave.

Treacherous Three – Xmas Rap. And to think that this was technically pre-crack era. Jesus. Other songs on here take occasional jabs at the government and media, but this one is actually pretty bold. And yes, Kool Moe Dee was part of this group.

AKIM & The Teddy Vann Production Company – Santa Claus is a Black Man. I don’t know about you guys, but in my house, Santa Claus was definitely a Black man. This joint really should be mandatory in every household.

Every household. Yours too.



Why is it so cold? Anyway, order other news: Giveaways, rx son!

Yes, I do have 5 copies of 2K Sports’ NBA 2K8 for XBOX 360 (USA version) up for grabs. Merry Christmas, etc. Listen to the show to get details on how to grab your own copy and then post up your ideas in the comments. And as I said, 3 of them will be going out on the site, and two will be going out on the Mixtape Show Facebook Group – you gotta be in it to get the info on how to win one (click here to join up).

Massive, massive shouts to DJ Spaceboy at 2K for making this possible.

This ep – just West Coast all over the place. You’ll like it, I promise.


Strong Arm Steady – Steady Mobbin feat The Game. And Will Blast screaming random ignorant things in the background. No bad feelings though, that just adds to the bananas-factor of this joint. The funky Dago connection is in the house. I love this song. CHUUUUCHmyspace.com/strongarmsteady

Tha D.R.E. – Wild Child. I can’t necessarily vouch for the rest of the record, but for anyone who appreciates Bay Area rap, this cut is a gem. Oddly enough, dude is from Milwaukee.

Unagi – Mo Champagne feat Motion Man. Unagi hit me with this cut and I think I played it 8 times back to back. The dude really is just dope with the loops. unagi442.com.

Johnson&Jonson – La La La. Yes, Blu is in here. Seriously, how are they going to clear these samples? Jon, can you shed some light on this? Either way, this is really dope. (You’ve heardand seenJohnson & Jonson here before, by the way). Something to look forward to ’08 – the Powders and Oils album. myspace.com/jandjbabyproducts. I’m not pretending to understand the name, though.

Spice 1 – Playa Man. Again, get well soon, dude. I’m really just now getting into this cat’s music. myspace.com/spiceone.

Double F – Weed, Greed, and Chases at High Speed (prod. Dilla). This off his mildly controversial 2006 Welcome to Cali Jay Dee tribute tape (which almost made it onto the First Impressions tape). Short, to the point, and, well, great. myspace.com/mystadub

Dam Funk – December Sun – At some point the two of us are going to link up and just give you all a ridiculous show. Dam is just too funky with the beats. I know I talked all over this one, but you can go get yourself a listen at his myspace. Check for him on the new 2K8 soundtrack, too. myspace.com/damfunk.

Kam – (Untitled)?. This comes off of a Naam Brigade mixtape (the only one I have, actually). Yes, the Message revamped. You can hate all you like, but I actually dig this song a lot. Naam Brigade somehow pulls of these throwback beats that show the roots of this music without sounding contrived – on the contrary, a lot of their tape goes really, really hard. Kam is pretty great on this cut, and the combination of the NoI references, the commentary on the West Coast gangster rap market, and the parallels to the original cut are pretty interesting. In that vein, the “fag” lines are a little abrasive at first, until you remember that the original cut dropped them the same way. myspace.com/westcoastkam1

Hope you all dug this one. Good luck in the contest, and be on the lookout for a few special editions of the Mixtape Show coming your way very soon…

And on a related note, I know I’m kinda opening myself to the flames by calling anything a “West Coast” episode. Too much great music out here – again this is just a slice of the diversity out here. Feel free to let the recommendations fly in the comments.

Dillagence – Radio Clean Edit

This one is for all my college / community radio family.

So a little while back, view my man JR put me up on the fact that someone had made a radio edit of the Mick Boogie + Busta Rhymes + J Dilla tape. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, advice you should listen to the Dillagence tape, viagra dosage here). I still do a little radio work myself, so I was happy to hear that the tape would be getting some more exposure.

After checking the edit, though, I realized that while it was pretty good, there were some pretty serious words that slipped through in the edit. I am – unfortunately – really really well versed in FCC indecency rulings, having met with pretty much the top lawyers in DC on the subject. And yes, your local Clear Channel affiliate may be able to write off a max $350,000 fine for a slipped “ass” here and there as a business expense, but a local underground station can’t.

So – building off of AJ’s mix, this one is more polished, and 100% radio friendly* for current US legal climate.

I also took the liberty of flip-editing the N-word. Not that the “nigga” or any of its variants are subject to FCC fines (let that sink in for a second), but I know a lot of DJs who’d prefer to not play it. “Bitch”, however, is intact.

So for all you young DJs looking for something to drop on your next weekly session, download this, burn it up, and push play.

Click here to download Dillagence – KUCR Clean Edits


1 ) Words From Ma Dukes
2 ) Dillagence (produced by DJ Spinna)
3 ) Takin What’s Mine
4 ) Step Up
5 ) The Conversation (f/ Talib Kweli)
6 ) Code of the Streets (f/ MOP)
7 ) Lightworks (f/ Q-Tip and Talib Kweli)
8 ) Baggage Handlers (f/ Raekwon)
9 ) How We Roll
10 ) Best That Ever Did It (f/ Rah Digga)
11 ) Psycho (f/ Cassidy and Papoose)
12 ) The Range (f/ Rah Digga)
13 ) Not Right Now
14 ) Other Side Of The Road
15 ) Who Tryin To Kill You
16 ) High
17) Dillagence Outro

And of course, if you aren’t in public radio, you don’t need this, so go grab the dirty version. New episode in the works kids.

*Not a guarantee. Preview and broadcast at your own risk.



So for this one, cardiologist most of the commentary is in the episode. Thusly, infection I’ll keep the commentary short.

The Fibonacci sequence, or the Mātrāmeru , refers to a sequence in which the given number is the sum of its two preceding numbers; e.g. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. So this episode is in such a sequence:

0 Tracks
by P Diddy. Duh.

1 Track:
Suburb – The Main Ingredient flip. Some day this kid will finish his album. Until then, I’ll continue digging in the archives of stuff he probably doesn’t even remember sending me.

1 Track:
UGK – Use Me Up. Rest in peace, Pimp C. This was not good news at all.

2 Tracks:
Jay Electronica – A Prayer for Michael Vick & T.I. (We Love You Family). (Prod. J Dilla). Brilliant. Surreal.
Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine. Surreal. Brilliant.


3 Tracks:
Percee P – Lung Collapsing Lyrics feat Pharoahe Monch. This cut is just too much.
Percee P – Yes, You May feat A.G. and Lord Finesse. The internal rhymes before anyone even knew what that was. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to dispose of those that chose to go to their shows, but if he says it, I believe it. Shouts to Percee. I hear he has a new record out.
Percee P – 1991 Freestyle feat Lord Search. The beatboxing on here is just comedy, but if you actually listen past that, you’ll hear the lyrical mastery.

Interludes by: Kenny Keys. (first one is called “Cut”, second is called “Tight Rope”, third is called “Bump”). Good to hear from you again, Ken.

This was a good episode for lyrics, wasn’t it?

ps – here’s the link for the Mixtape Show Hip-hop podcast facebook page. You should join it, giveaways popping off very soon…