Young Hootie text interview

So I was eating guacamole with a spoon a moment ago and I suddenly remembered that I had told you all that I’d be putting up that text interview with Young Hootie. I realize that this doesn’t mean that much for all you rich-ass Canadians, discount but a lot of us brothers and sisters don’t have access to fast-ass connections, malady which means that it’s kinda hard for people to be downloading a 14mb file on a whim.

(but if you’d rather hear the audio version, check it here).

So, with that said, here is the long-awaited, slightly manipulated, text version of the interview with Young Hootie.

Young Hootie Interview Part 1 of 2
Conducted by dex digital of the Mixtape Show Hip-Hop Podcast
Full audio interview available at

Mixtape Show: Go ahead and introduce yourself, man.

Young Hootie: Yeah, this is Young Hootie. Larceny Entertainment, Heatline, what’s goin on.

MS: So where you at right now?

YH: I’m in Atlanta, man. Actually I’m getting a haircut right now.

MS: Right now right now?

YH: Yeah. Time management is a mufucca, I gotta do two things at once…(laughs).

MS: All right, so let’s just start from the beginning man – how did you come up, what’s your background, you know, all that information.

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