What’s hood, unhealthy internet? Well, as if you couldn’t guess by the big fucking L , this is volume 2 of the Grand Larceny Radio Show, right here on the most known unknown hip-hop podcast ever, the mixtape show.

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For the uninitiated, the mixtape show has a partnership with Larceny Entertainment that lets yall get in on this Grand Larceny Radio show shit. TK and Breezy pretty much got the movement that is the New West sewed up, and I personally got the internet goin nuts. So when you put that together with the toughest fucking rap podcast this side of New Zealand, you get what you’re about to listen to. Here’s the tracklist for you suckers:

Young Hootie and J Boy – OT Work
El Dorado Red – Murdered
Coolwadda – La, La
AB feat. 50 Cent – Infrared
Flatlinerz – Watts Stomp
Mr Town – The Town (Ay)
Balance and Keak da Sneak – What Up
Big Wy and Young Breezy – I want In
Young Hootie and TJ Santana – Easy Come
Black TK – 86 Crack(It’s Back)
XL Middleton – Zoom Zoom

So if you’re up on your West Coast LA/Bay type shit, you should recognize at least a good majority of the names in here. AB comes through with some shit and brings the relatively unknown 50 Cent with him on the hook, Mr. Town comes back with some more shit, Breez drops the first bars with Wy – I’d heard about this but hadn’t heard it yet. El Dorado is up in there, and I just heard (as will you when you download the joint) that he’s making moves with Universal…congratulations on that El Dog – we’ll link up for that damn interview at some point. Hootie’s joint with TJ Santana is probably the most radio-unfriendly song I’ve heard him on, but that’s what the internet is for. And then TK comes at us with some shit that you really probably aren’t equipped to understand, and XL!! what’s up mang!

And of course, Balance and Keak da Sneak, Coolwadda, Flatlinerz, shit, why are you still reading? If you’re trying to stay up on this West Coast street shit, you really need to go download this thing.

I’ve included the high fidelity versions here as downloads. You can listen to the version above in the browser all day long, but if you want a more high quality file, download these and use them in your mp3 player and whatnot.

[DOWNLOAD the hi-quality mp3s here: part 1 || part 2 ]

And if this West Coast gangster shit ain’t your personal styrofoam cup of sizzurp, check out the archives.

Oh yeah, and for the latecomers you can grab volume 1 of GLR right here : (volume 1 part 1 and part 2
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This show is pretty much the official relaunch of the mixtape show, anorexia the most major known unknown rap / hip-hop podcast on the internet. Basically it’s a fucking mixtape that you can download, for free, and it’s not illegal. Read the show notes, check out the artists, buy they shit, bookmark my shit, tell your friends. Let’s go.

First off is Hezekiah. I got clearance to put this joint on a long time ago, but I liked it so much that I couldn’t really find a spot to do it justice til now. Have any of you ever seen dude perform this song? I did, and he pretty much just wore a suit and jumped up and down and hollered. Nobody seemed to know the words, and nobody really seemed to care because he was wearing a suit and jumping up and down and hollering. It was great. If you get a chance to see him perform, do it. Way more energy than you’d expect from his most recent album, Hurry up and Wait, which is good by itself. Check out Hezekiah at Soulspazm.com..
Hezekiah – You.

Exile feat. Blu – Soul Rising
I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard much from these two before this. The homie John Kim from Sound in Color hooked me up with the mp3, so I had to put it on. If you want to know more, get your fucking Google on. For now though you can check out www.soundincolor.com.

Off of Up Above Records, Kev Brown. Peace to sam for getting this one to me. The song pretty much speaks for itself, so just listen. Apparently he’s done work with De La Soul, Jewel, fuck a namedrop, go listen. myspace.com/kevbrown..
Kev Brown – Not That Way.

Che Grand – Brown Study
Che Grand, off of his upcoming Official Bootleg Import EP. Expect an interview or feature soon, because this shit is important. From a conversation with the producer:
what up dex: is “brown study” about having sex with white girls?
westcoastbadbuoy: i honestly have no idea,
what up dex: i’m pretty sure it is.
westcoastbadbuoy: apparently brown study is some intellectual term in the dirctionary, but i’ve never bothered to look it up
what up dex: from google: “The expression is old, dating at least from the sixteenth century.”
what up dex: where the fuck did this kid go to school?
westcoastbadbuoy: lol.
what up dex: well.
what up dex: it’s about fucking white girls, anyway. thanks for clearing that up for me.
Che Grand at LoudMinorityMusic.com.
What’s up, EV? Back to the East Coast again. Has anyone actually heard the Color of Money mixtape? Honestly that joint was hotter than a lot of fucking records that came out this year. This joint is technically just Numbers, but really it’s sort of hard to pick a “best” song since there’s a handful on here that I like a lot. This one goes with the vibe of the show, though. I think you can listen to, and cop, the mixtape here: Smoke and Numbers – The Color of Money..
Smoke and Numbers – 5A.

K’naan – Struggling
I love reading press releases about this dude because they always bold and underline the fact that dude is Somali-Canadian, as if that’s all he has going for him. Hopefully this joint lays that notion to rest. www.thedustyfoot.com.
This one came to me on a 3-track radio promo in an unmarked package, no CD case, just a printed CD cover in a paper sleeve. Anyone that listens to old DJ Shadow should recognize the beat, which was pretty much just waiting for someone to rip it up. Had to close the episode with this one. Peace to Frankie Lewis for clearing this one. www.strong-quality.com..
Black Market – The Wall.

So that’s what it do. If you want to get at me for any reason, including track placement or interviews, get at me on the contact page. Or kucrdex [at] gmail [dot] com. wizzone.

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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 17 – doujah raze interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 17 – doujah raze interview

Those of you that remember the first show we ever came at yall kids with started with a track called “Spinmata”, approved by a dude called Doujah Raze – which incidentally was given to me on a burned CD by Damon, recipe who’s down with Faculty…anyway, enough backstory. So I’ve been hearing dude’s name thrown around more and more recently, and when dude’s compadres came round asking about interviews, I figured I’d catch up with him and see what’s happening.

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Mixtape Show review – Lady Sovereign

Okay, see another review of some shit that probably about 0.2% of you rap nerds are actually up on – Lady Sovereign, with Vertically Challenged.

So I’ve been hearing Lady Sov’s (if you can’t spell “sovereign” it’s perfectly acceptable to call her that) name thrown around for a minute now. I guess she was on that Run the Road compilation that Chester Copperpot was making fun of and that I’ve still never heard. Anyway she’s part of this “grime” shit that all those funny-talking British kids are listening to nowadays. I’m into the shit so once I got the CD, I actually bothered to listen to it, unlike all those fucking terrible demos I seem to get nowadays.

Moving on. Review is after the jump.
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