Video – Johnson & Jonson

So I spent a good portion of this weekend revamping the site. Hope you dig.

Anyway, approved here’s another video, this time from my man Jon at Turntable Lab. Blu (who longtime listeners will remember from as far back as rap podcast ep 34) and Mainframe are Johnson&Jonson, with Bout it Bout it.

As of right now, it seems that aside from a prospective Q3 Japan release, the status of the Johnson&Jonson project is a little hazy, so I can’t point you to a purchase link or anythingupdate: this dude fred is saying that it’s gonna be out stateside in late april, early may. You can, however, get a listen to another track off of J&J’s debut in episode 56.

On the real though, I don’t understand this video. Granted, I don’t think there’s a whole lot to understand, as I’m pretty sure the entire concept was “hey guys let’s make a music video tomorrow! Yeah dog I got a white room, let’s do this shit”. Still though, it’s a cute joint, especially the fast cuts back and forth between whoever all these random cats are.

Also I’d like to publicly state that I do appreciate Blu reminding us that it’s okay for brothers to show up to a video shoot without combing they hair.

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Due to popular demand, sale I’ve resurrected the Bounce Tape format for another edition. That means that everybody’s favorite spastic, symptoms button-mashing, hey-guys-watch-me-play-with-the-eq-for-no-reason style is back.

This time, you’re in for some sped-up crunk, electro, hyphy, funk, and grime, not necessarily in that order. I’d write more but keep it 100 it’s fucking 3 AM and it is sleepytime soon.

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