So this episode features absolutely no rapping. Yep.

I get a lot of email and IMs from people asking me how I do my show, phthisiatrician what sort of software I use, how I get new music, and so on. So here’s yet another spinoff series (how many are there now? damn): The Blueprint. In Vol 1, we’re going to be covering how to start up and approach your very own podcast, from the mechanics to your own mindset.

A lot of this is philosophical and theoretical, so if that doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. You can just listen to me talk over the beats. As an added bonus, almost every bit of software I recommend in this show is free.

Here’s the beat tracklist:

Capital D – Blow Instrumental [Intro]
Verse – G Wilikers Instrumental [Gmail]
O.C. - Yes Sir Instrumental. [Audio Editor]
Critical Madness – Meal Tickets pt. 2 Instrumental [Feedburner]
oh come on now you know who this is. [Blog]
Morcheeba – Post Houmous [Network]
Judah Christ – Unheard Of [Originality]
Omni – Baterie Instrumental [Skype]
The Prodigy – Firestarter Instrumental (sample) [FTP Client]
J Dilla – Over The Breaks [Consideration]
John Fahey – My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs (sample) [Independence]
Brother Ali - Truth Is Instrumental [Individuality]
J Dilla - Love Jones [Responsibility]
Mark O’Connor – Opus 14: False Dawn (sample) [Microphone]
Baba & Yako – Feel The Change [Outro]

And that’s it for this week. Hit up the comments section and let me know what you think. Oh yeah – there’ll be another music episode coming out in a few days, for those of you that were freaked out from the break in format here. (And keep in mind – these tools work for whatever kind of show you want to do – not just a hip-hop podcast!)

Software mentioned in the show: (free unless otherwise stated)

FTP Clients – Cyberduck [mac], SmartFTP [pc]
Internet Phone – Skype (you need to buy credit to call outside lines)
Voice Recorders – Audio Hijack (free version available) [mac], HotRecorder ($25ish)[pc]
Audio Editors – Audacity [all platforms], Garageband [mac], Adobe Audition (expensive) [pc]
Feed Management – Feedburner
Gmail – Gmail. Come on son.
Blog – WordPress.



And no, pilule before you close the window in horror, adiposity Atmosphere does not make an appearance in this episode. This ain’t that kind of party, buy ladies and gentlemen. If you want to know what this show is about, you sort of have to listen.

Sorry in advance for making fun of British people.

Tracklist time!

Termanology – 50 Bodies (prod. Marley Marl). Who needs a hook? Not him. I like. Note the Sean Bell reference.myspace.com/therealtermanology

Skillz – Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know feat Freeway – I’m not sure why it took me so long to get these two on the show, but here they are. myspace.com/yourghostwriter.

Che Grand – Che Grand Was Bored (prod. Suburb). Yeah, that’s the track name I was given. That’s how exclusive we get on this hip-hop podcast – bootleg one-verse joints recorded on computer microphones. Still, it’s been a long-ass time since we’ve heard from anybody in the Loud Minority camp, hint hint. loudminoritymusic.com

Trump – Da Souf. Off the Hate It or Get It mixtape. If you don’t know about this dude already, you haven’t been listening to the show. Go do your homework. myspace.com/shamanwork

Mac Dre - Not My Job. This was my jam for like 3 weeks out in China, for whatever reason. I never really got up on half the shit that was (and still is) happening in the Bay, but the small collection of the late Mac Dre that I do have is pretty hot. That line about the grocery shopping is funny as hell. myspace.com/macdre

Devin the Dude – What A Job feat Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000. That corn on the cob thing was a little odd, but then again, this is Andre we’re talking about. The album comes out on the 20th, which is today, which means that maybe you could get it or something. myspace.com/devinthedude

And there we have it. The outro joint was an Emilio Rojas beat, and the intro was by Philip Glass off the Mishima soundtrack.

You know the drill: comment, email, subscribe.

Mixtape Show listed as top podcast in Q Magazine

The Mixtape Show was mentioned in UK music magazine Q in the March 2007 issue on page 91.

Yes I know I already told you, sick but after the thousands upon thousands of emails asking me to get you all proof (okay actually ouxu left a comment), recipe I finally managed to get an image up.

The article, stomach “[the] 100 Best Places to Get Free Music”, has subcategories like live music, labels (nice to see stones throw on there), mp3 blogs – and the last category, starting at #91, is Podcasts, with everyone’s favorite hip-hop podcast at the head of the list. Others listed include Peter Townshend and this cool little indie station out in the UK called the BBC.

I also liked how they said that the show is “lively”. I’ll probably make some sort of joke about this later.

Anyway, as I said in the last episode – to everyone that listens to the show, and especially those of you that hit up the email/comments/phone line, thanks. Also thank you to Q Magazine‘s Chris Cottingham, Johnny Davis, Jaimie Hudgson, and Rupert Howe, or whichever one of you got really stoned and thought you heard a MF Doom freestyle on my show and decided to put me in your list.

This week’s episode is going to be really good.



So I talked a lot in this episode. Hopefully nobody minds. Here’s a few notes before we begin:

[1] The footage for MTV’s 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Groups of All Time is here, artificial and the “postgame” footage, prostate including Run and Chuck D musing briefly on the effect of crack on hip-hop, buy information pills is here.

[2] And yes, the Mixtape Show was listed in Q Magazine‘s (UK) Best 100 Places To Get Free Music Online. #1 in the podcast section. They said that I was “lively”.

[3] I do think that the Beastie Boys made some nice songs, especially productionwise. I wouldn’t call myself a big fan, but they did their thing in their day. Plus, they were the featured group on during the official Mixtape Show Caucasian Appreciation Show. And around here, that counts for a lot.

And now for that playlist.

(instrumental – myspace.com/truestatiks.)

Hasan Insane – Hustler’s Clarity feat Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Kid is nice with the beats. This one is just one of those that just works. Thanks for the tip, oux. myspace.com/hasaninsane

DJ Lt Dan – Justify My Thug feat Jay-Z (b/w G Thang). I can’t remember who first remixed Jay’s Black Album, but this cat is definitely one of the earlier and more memorable ones. That acapella release also spawned the Grey Album, which in turn tipped the white liberal media off to this whole “remixing” and “hippity-hop” thing, at which point it started to get sort of lame. myspace.com/ltdanmixtapes.

J*Davey – Untitled 1. Jack of J*Davey on this one. Free shoutout in the next episode to the first one to identify the instrumental. jdaveybaby.com.
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