Regardless of what I said earlier,

Anyone who can inspire something like this deserves some respect.

TI$A (Taz Arnold from Sa-Ra) + Daedelus – Vote Obama.

Can anybody from LA confirm if this is actually getting any airplay back home? Even on the college circuit? It wasn’t getting any love at all before I left. Thanks to Karthi for putting me up on the video – I’m actually a little embarrassed at how late I was.
(for the original, page curse-laden version, check Episode 99 – The Primaries)

And bonus video:

The East Flatbush Project feat Stress – Day In A Life.

Yes, the video from one of the stronger joints on last week’s episode. Thanks for Spencer for getting that to me. (If you’re looking for relevance, look at his shirt).

No matter what a person’s stance is on Obama or music or whatever, I pretty much defy anyone to deny hip-hop culture’s importance in this campaign. Like it or not, this culture is going to play a big part in the next four (or more) years.

That said, if somebody can get the man himself to dance to the Obama rap song, I will personally donate a large sum of money to his campaign.

New episode soon.

Jay Electronica and URB

And in this week’s installment of the when-is-act-2-coming-out:

Jay Electronica and Erykah on a photo shoot for URB. Watch:

I should preface this by saying I was sorta tipped off to this thing coming out. My good friend Jolie, ophthalmologist who was recently promoted to Chief Coffee-Getter and Blogger of Shiny Things at URB, weight loss mentioned to me during a Girl Talk (most hilarious white guy ever, 5 stars) show that the 11th March cover of URB was going to be Jay Electrackalack. Apparently URB was preparing for the photo shoot, and lo and behold – Erykah just sort of shows up.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. Brilliant musicians, the both of them.

I’ll give a free secret present to anyone that can guess my favorite quote from this video. Like I’ll write you into the next show.

video – J Dilla – Won’t Do

so let me drop another video right quick.

This is a Dilla joint, ask featuring one John Yancey playing the part of Jay Dee in “Won’t Do” off of the recent release The Shining.

I know a lot of people felt a little let down by this release, approved and it probably says a lot that I actually own this record and don’t really remember this song (it’s the last track), generic but I am definitely feeling it now – the video especially on a style angle. I’m not up on this Mazik Saevitz cat, but he does some good work.

Look for cameos from Common, Frank-n-Dank, Talib, and guest starring Will.I.Am wearing a pink space suit and doing his best impression of that dude on Chapelle’s Show that does the robot in every episode.

And hey, the women managed to keep most of their clothes on.

What do you all think of this one?

back back to cali cali

Okay, health kids, hemorrhoids your boy is back. Not that half of you were paying attention, remedy but I just touched down at LAX about 10 hours ago, and I will be in the studio recording the next joint very soon.

You all don’t mind if I actually start, you know, blogging on this thing, do you? Just asking, because I’m considering it.

In the meantime, check out this new Pharoahe Monch video. I know I rarely post videos on here, but this is one of the first videos in a long time that I actually bothered watching the whole way through. It takes like 2 minutes to get to the actual joint itself, but when it does, it’s pretty hot. Check Pharoahe’s appearance in the first scene – that shit he does with his eyes when the gun goes off the first time damn near made my heart jump.

Pharoahe Monch – Gun Draws

What do you all think of this one?