And breaking once again from the standard format, prosthetic we’re back with another installment of Black T.K.‘s The New Soul, viagra here one of two Soultronica series here on everybody’s favorite hip-hop podcast.

This one is the Origins show – taking you back into time to experience the foundation upon which this new movement was built. All you future fanatics don’t freak though – the kid is coming very soon with Soultronica Vol. 4. The saga continues…

Intro – Black T.K. Der Kommisar loop
Grace Jones – Pull Up 2 The Bumper (produced by Sly and Robbie)
Drop 1 – Black T.K. Radioactive loop
Cameo – Back & Forth (produced by Larry Blackmon)
Drop 3 – Black T.K. Ain’t Nobody loop
S.O.S. Band – Tell Me If You Still Care (produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
drop 3 Black T.K. Safety Dance loop
Evelyn Champagne King – Betcha She Don’t Love You (produced by T. Life)
drop 4 Black T.K. Hang On loop
Klymaxx – Men All Pause (produced by Joyce Fenderella Irby and Bernadette Cooper)

Hit up the comments section, let us know how you felt this one!

So I got interviewed

and I thought I might share it with you. Matt from The Aesthetic Poetic (which I have actually recommended before) somehow got it into his head that it would be a good idea to ask me some questions and post the results. So if the prospect of looking at a textual account of my ability to dodge questions and jump all over the place in one sentence appeals to you, advice by all means click here and read.

On the real though, hospital Matt, good looking out on the interview. Everybody go to his site now and tell him that he’s insane for not liking the McFly 2015s.

Also shouts to Mamiko for the image used in the interview, because I’m too dumb to actually go out and buy my own goddamn camera.



Yo. Welcome back to the program. I’ve actually got an interview/feature in the works (I’ll give you two guesses as to what the topic is), nurse but in the meantime, pharm here’s another concept episode.

This time, it’s all about rock-influenced tracks. Now I obviously could have gone with mashups (thanks for the tip on that Modest Mouse+Weezy track, Robin), but that would be cheating. Check the tracklist, and if you need more information on the DVD giveaway, check the post below.

Track List.

Intro I – Black Sabbath.
Game Theme/Intro II – Patrick Goble – New Shred.

Hevi Medal – 730 [dex ADHD edit]. The video for this cut is wild on some serious skurry insanity shit. If you want the full version of the song, check out their myspace page. myspace.com/mophevimedal.

Deaf In The Family – Southern Man feat Bavu Blakes. Apparently the original sample was what inspired the penning of Sweet Home Alabama, but fuck that song. Mr. Bavu, who I think dropped the “Blakes” thing, breaks down some race/class knowledge on some college-educated shit. You can listen to the whole album on the site, deafinthefamily.com.

Lil’ Flip – Rockstar. This song is pretty ridiculous. But don’t act like it isn’t catchy. This is why I love mixtapes – you always get these ridiculous-ass joints in the end of the CD that are better than half the rest of the tape. myspace.com/lilflip.

RJD2 – Exotic Talk. Please, Def Jux, don’t sue me. I have been fucking with RJD2‘s shit for a very long time now. I liked The Horror and alla that, but really Since We Last Spoke was the one that spent the most time in my Volvo, including that weepy-ass “Making Days Longer”. I hear he has a new album out, which I unfortunately haven’t heard, but I’m hearing positive things about it. He’s actually on tour now, so some of you herbs might want to catch him live. myspace.com/rjd2.

Deaf In The Family – Mr Blue Sky feat Scavone. I never thought someone would have the balls to flip this one, but these dudes actually did a pretty fucking bang-up job on this one. After you finish listening to the show, and entering the contest, get thee to a record store and cop the original ELO version. 7 minutes of overwrought, multithematic, hairsprayed rock godditude. Can I get a amen. deafinthefamily.com.

DCNY - Skye Blues. See that? Mr Blue Sky, Sky Blues. I am really, really clever, ouxu. Really clever. This is another group I used to rock back on my college show, and for some reason when I was mixing this show down the CD just jumped out at me. Recommended for the boom-bap fans. myspace.com/tresmons.

Outro I – Black Sabbath
Outro II – Calamine – Sealab 2021 Theme.

Swimmers – The Unofficial Swimmers Bootleg feat Lil Jon, E-40 and Keak da Sneak. Actually I don’t have a title for this. The Swimmers are not responsible for this soundclash. Thank you, nxt. myspace.com/swimmersband.

And that’s all for this one. What did you think?

DVD/CD Giveaway – Stones Throw / Ellen Allien

Hey, search motherfuckers! I know a lot of you have one of those DVD player things, and I know some of you also like to look at moving pictures and listen to sounds. So, when Lucy at Elemental told me about these two new DVDs from TimeOut Magazine, I figured I’d holler at her about giving some away to the community here on the site.

Here’s the two cities I have available, with a snippet and some info:

Los Angeles – DVD by Peanut Butter Wolf (featuring hella music videos at the end)
CD mixed by Madlib (featuring Quasimoto, Jaylib, Sun Ra Arkestra, Freestyle Fellowship, and damn a lot of stuff)

Suddenly I want to stay at the Viceroy.

Berlin, Germany
DVD and CD by Ellen Allien (featuring Plastikman, Miss Kittin, Ellen herself, and a German version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”)
Obviously this isn’t hip-hop at all, but come on. dex digital? you know I fucks with the techno. I also have to say that the Quarks – Königin joint I am feeling hard.

This is so euro-hip it’s not even funny.

So basically what you’re getting in this giveaway is a sort of multimedia travel guide. Each 2-disc pack has a DVD and a CD, which basically introduce you to the sights and sounds of their respective cities. I think you’re supposed to, like, watch this before you go on your extravagant trip to said locale, but I’m pretty sure you could just put it in your DVD player, watch it, listen to the rappidy-raps (or in the case of the Berlin joint, the bleepy techno) and pretend like you’re there.

Note – some people have reported having trouble with the phone lines, so the giveaway rules now are a little easier – just send an email (see below).

So here’s how to get your own copy.

1. Send me an email – kucrdex@gmail.com (or use the contact form).
2. In the contents, tell me your favorite spot in your favorite city (could be any spot, in any city, for whatever reason (see white females above for inspiration))
3. Tell me which version (Berlin or Los Angeles) you want.

And that’s it. I only have 3 of these to give out, total. So if you want one, you should probably handle that now.