I know, pharmacy I know. One episode I’m trying to help out the busy people, now I’m telling you to slow down and be patient. Sorry. But to make up for that, I included another nonsensical intro because I know you all love those.

But on the real though, if you feel like any of the stuff in the intro applies to you, sit down, grab some chips, and give yourself a good half hour to listen to this one.

Also, please note that nothing I said in the intro should be interpreted as an okay to go stab somebody.


Instrolude: Air – Dirty Trip.

DJ Signify – Fly Away. That first line is just too hard. “To thicken the plot”? Wow. m/djsignify.

Gil Scott-Heron – Me And The Devil. Shouts to Mr U for reminding me of this cut, and for part of the inspiration on this episode. I guess people are sorta lukewarm on this song itself, but I don’t know, I dig it. gilscottheron.net.

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights feat Thom Yorke. Remember the video for this jawn? Skurry. m/unkle.

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights (Massive Attack Remix). Just the drum section, really.

Morcheeba – Never An Easy Way. This stayed in my no-skip-protection-having-CD player so much when I was 12. I’m still not sure why I came into possession of this record in the first place, but it goes pretty hard. Protip: Post-Skye Morcheeba isn’t really that great. m/morcheeba.

Sandpeople – The Dapper Mob. This is just a really unsettling song, which is I think the last cut of an actual rap album. More unsettling is how this song gets stuck in your head. m/sandpeople.

Big Ken (of 334 Mobb) – We Miss You Teddy. I think I remember hearing Big Ken sing before, so it’s not such a surprise to hear him do it on this cut. That said though, this is sort of a weird track – the rap literally only goes for like four bars and then the song ends. m/bigkentheone.

SMKA – Deer Mama feat Yelawolf. This cut introduced me to Yelawolf. I can’t really stress how much I like this cut. And SMKA – that whole 808 project is basically dope. Get it. Bonus points if you realize that this is the only proper rap song in this whole episode. m/smkamusic.

Gil Scott-Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit. There’s not much to say about this one. If you don’t get it, rewind.

Anyway, that’s what I got this round. Holler.

More Akira / Rap stuff

okay, approved well there’s not all that much rap in here, but this is something worth checking out.

I did a post on Sabotage Party’s Holding the Crown video with the Akira visuals a while ago, and we all remember Kanye’s attempt. But now Mark from Eyetape, who you might remember from this site the last time I posted on them, has just dropped a very unofficial, very bootleg but actually pretty cool Akira “trailer”.

Akira: The Kaneda Short Film from Eye Tape on Vimeo.

So aside from the fact that this thing is extremely well done, especially considering the budget – there is some actual rappidy rap in here. Seeda, who you might remember from my quick breakdown of Dear Japan I did forever ago – appears (without his explicit permisson) with the first part of “Lost Heaven”. If you’ve never heard the track you might miss this, but the editing is actually pretty smart at the beginning – those sound effects from the CD changer weren’t added in postproduction – that’s part of the actual song.

This is sort of an interesting project – an absolutely unauthorized – both in terms of soundtrack and film (I’m assuming that “90% guerilla” means “90% of this stuff wasn’t cleared with city authorities”) trailer of a Japanese film made by a kid raised in the States. Using a soundtrack spotlighting a Japanese artist using a quote un quote “American” artform.

For those of us born in the mid 80s and later, on both sides of the river, these “boundaries” are really starting to take on new meanings. I’m not saying they’re going away, but stuff’s starting to get interesting. I mean, look at the Golden Cartridge series (vol 1, vol 2) or the original Nintendo mixtape, man. We’ve got a generation of American kids influenced by Japanese machines, and a generation of Japanese kids influenced by recordings of American kids yelling into a box. Of course, there’s the negative side, which we’ve discussed here before in part, but still.

But forget that, watch the video. The set work in this video is also pretty dope – the bar actually looks like the original place from the film. I think I’m going to have to go rent this movie again.

In the meantime, holler at Eyetape.



You know what, valeologist I know you’re busy. But you’re not too busy to listen to my show. If you really care about me, valeologist you’ll listen to my show.

Today’s jawn is for busy people. Each track is below 2 minutes, medications no exceptions. I even included times, so in case you hate a particular track you know how long you have to suffer until the next one. But you won’t, because you like my show, and you like me.

Listen on the train, in the car, on your coffee break, in the bathroom while you’re ditching class/meetings.

I even made the tracklist all short, in case you’re too busy to read.


Jadakiss – Look In Your Eyes Freestyle. [1:18] Shouts to Gavin. m/jadakiss.
Sin Sizzerb – Preme Diesel Freestyle. [1:17] “Kill you for a dollar / I’m from Serbia holla” I’m pretty sure that’s not representative of Serbians in general. I hope. m/sizzerbsin.
Moka Only – How Little Do You Know. [1:53] Been meaning to put this on forever. m/mokafansite
Lushlife – Meridian Sound [Part Two]. [1:28] m/lushlifemedia
The Five Corners Quartet – Interlope II. [0:53] m/thefivecornersquintet
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Before Long. [1:24]
Guilty Simpson – Pigs. [1:49] m/guiltysimpson.
Platinum Pied Pipers – The Pees feat Ta’Raach. [1:32] Philander philosophy – if you’re paying. m/ppprnb.
MF Doom – Sniper Elite. [1:59]
Jay Electronica – Spark ‘Em Up. [1:34]
Bash Bros & Afro Classics – World Still Burnz. [1:26] m/afroclassicsmusic.
Ghostface Killah – Crooklyn Dodgin (off a DJ Dub mixtape). [1:15]
Uncut Raw – Imwityou. [1:35] Shouts to Max. m/uncutraw42.
Suhburb – Beat#2 from First Tape of Fall Part 2. [1:50 or something] Suhburb, I’m still waiting for my episode.

you’re also not too busy to leave a comment and lemme know what you think. holler.